Why can’t we get enough unisex jewelry

Forget everything you already knew about jewelry. Formerly considered “feminine”, jewelry has been turned upside down and has become an easy way to add personality to your outfit – no matter what gender you select. Today unisex jewelry has been given a small advantage, and you can say goodbye to those simple, outdated pieces that you used to wear. Why can’t we get enough unisex jewelry that breaks the fashion mold, so why play it safely?

Yes, jewelry for everyone

Anyone can wear jewelry, and the appearance of unisex jewelry shows that it goes beyond the trend, it is a completely new movement. Many brands are entering the field, revolutionizing the choice of jewelry to make their designs more comprehensive. 35% of Gen Z know someone who knows their name, so it’s more relevant now than ever. Gucci was one of the first brands to launch unisex flexible jewelry, along with Bvlgari, both brands were at the forefront of fashion!


Although men’s and women’s jewelry are not new concepts, gender-liquid jewelry is. It’s all about how you wear it, but when there is no particular gender, you can truly express your true self. We forget all about stickers and express ourselves through our style, without restrictions. Just know that this is not just a seasonal trend or phase, unisex jewelry is here to stay.

Sure, we’ve seen celebrities and musicians in the past wearing jewelry. George Michael’s signature earring look for example. But somehow, it was not completely accepted by everyone (Why can’t we get enough unisex jewelry). Now, we’ve accepted home design, fashionistas, and ordinary people like us as part of our everyday look – and we live for it!

Unisex jewelry is the new trend

The unisex king of jewelry is Harry Styles. He knows how to break the mold. He can shake a pearl necklace with an oversized suit, adding a touch of elegance to his distinctive eighties aesthetics. He also loves pearl earrings – just like us! His appearance at the Met Gala ceremony was temperamental, with a combination of masculine stitching, feminine tulle, and pearl earrings, in line with his gorgeous appearance.

Earrings play a huge role in this direction – Harry Styles proved it. Stacking is a huge jewelry trend, so why not set two trends at once? Small collars stacked on the earlobes or stacked cuffs help you look emotional and different. Depending on your color palette, it can be bright and eclectic. With extremes being popular this season, you can spice up your simple, backless outfits.

Necklaces also play an important role in this cultural shift. Timothée Chalamet is known to shake a delicate chain with a distinctive pendant on the red carpet. Thanks to these pioneers, the number of searches for “unisex jewelry” increased – proving that everyone wants to try it for themselves. So why not do it? Everyone deserves to feel great in jewelry!

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