Which mayonnaise is best for pizza?

Mayonnaise with pizza is not something we hear every day, but many people like to eat mayonnaise with their favorite pizza slice(Which mayonnaise is best for pizza?).

But most of the time they avoid the situation because they think it may seem strange. But others don’t know how great pizza tastes if you use the right mayonnaise flavor with your pizza.

That’s why to get rid of all stereotypes and help people understand the benefits of using mayonnaise on pizza and the flavors they should look for in mayonnaise to use in pizza, this article is the best way to understand all that(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Benefits of using mayonnaise on pizza

On the weekends, enjoying pizza and a movie with your family is a wonderful experience. And what makes the experience even better is making pizza at home(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

In homemade pizza, you can add any flavor, especially the mayonnaise of your choice. Who tops pizza with mayonnaise, many will ask? However, these folks are unaware of the advantages of adding mayonnaise to handmade or store-bought pizza.

  • You can add some creamy texture to the pizza by adding spicy and creamy mayonnaise.
  • If the homemade pizza is a little dry, mayonnaise can make the bread tender but not soggy.
  • The mayonnaise allows you to add some different flavors to your pizza.
  • Few flavors like chipotle, olive oil, etc. These flavors are difficult to incorporate into pizza, so using flavored mayonnaise makes it easier.
  • If you’re on a diet and trying to eat a cheat meal, adding mayonnaise is a great option instead of using cheese.
  • Mayonnaise is cheaper than cheese.

Factors to consider when choosing mayonnaise for pizza

Those who don’t like mayonnaise on pizza are not naturally, and there are also reasons behind this. If you add any mayonnaise on top of your pizza, it will spoil its taste, which is why based on the flavor of your pizza, you should choose the mayonnaise flavor as well.

So, for example, if you eat grilled chicken or chicken pepperoni pizza in this case, ordinary mayonnaise will ruin the taste of pizza. In this case, you can add some spicy or Japanese mayonnaise to increase the taste of pizza and umami.

Then, if you have a vegetarian pizza or a pizza with pineapple, you can add olive oil or avocado oil with mayonnaise to it. This type of mayonnaise has a subtle taste that complements the taste of your pizza and gives it a creamy texture(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Then if you like cheese on pizza but don’t want to use it or don’t want to add more cheese to pizza, you can add a little cheese mayonnaise. It will give your pizza the cheese you want and make it tastier.

Then you can also use a small amount of real mayonnaise as the basic taste of the pizza, and on top of that, you can add the pizza sauce and toppings you want. Through it, there will be a mild taste of mayonnaise with the soft creamy texture you want on your pizza.


These are some examples that you should remember while choosing mayonnaise for pizza. You can’t add any mayonnaise you want just because it won’t complement the taste of your pizza and will taste bad.

Which mayonnaise is best for pizza?

Below we share some of the best mayonnaise for pizza. Choosing the right mayonnaise for pizza is difficult, and you want to find anyone who can guide you in this, as most people think you’re crazy or know nothing about pizza.

But if you use the right flavor and mayonnaise in your pizza, it will taste great. So, to guide you through this, here are the best mayonnaise you can try on your pizza.

1〉 Hilman’s Spicy Organic Chipotle Mayonnaise

Helmen’s Spicy Organic Chipotle Mayotle is at the top of the list due to its delicious taste. This mayonnaise is a spice blend with a hint of sweetness.

This combination gives the pizza a smoky flavor. And not only that, the texture of this mayonnaise is creamy, rich, and easy to spread, so you can easily use a little organic Hellman’s spicy mayonnaise on top of your chicken pizza.

Apart from that, this mayonnaise is made from organic ingredients, and cage-free eggs have no added preservatives, which makes the quality of the mayonnaise better(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Price: $6 for 15oz.

2〉 Japanese style quibble mayonnaise

Kewpie mayonnaise is one of the best mayonnaise brands in the United States. And this Japanese-style mayonnaise is the mayonnaise recipe that made everyone go crazy about it.

It has a luxurious taste of Asian flavor, some sweetness, and a little citrus. And the extra flavor of MSG gives this umami mayonnaise unmatched in mayonnaise.

That’s why if you’re eating a vegetarian pizza or mostly any pizza of your choice, you can add Kewpie-style Japanese style mayonnaise.

It will complement the taste of non-vegetarian pizza or vegetables and will add rich and creamy umami. And even if your pizza contains pineapple, you can also use this mayonnaise because salty and sour mayonnaise will balance the flavors.

Price: $7.12 vs 17.64 fl oz.

3, Duke Bacon and tomato-flavored mayonnaise

Duke’s Bacon and Tomato Flavored Mayo is a great option to add some heat to your Margarita pizza. This mayonnaise is made using the original recipe for real Duke mayonnaise.

For this reason, while using tomato and bacon-flavored mayonnaise, you can taste the roasted bacon kick and the slightly refreshing taste you can feel on the back of your tongue.

This mayonnaise is a must-have in your kitchen; you can use it for everyday purposes. However, if you’re making a homemade pizza, a thin layer of Duke’s Bacon and Tomato Flavored Mayonnaise will make your bacon, cheese, or margarita pizza taste better.

Price: $4.99 for 14 fl oz

4〉 Organic mayonnaise in cooking with olive oil

Let’s say you’re eating a California-style pizza or making it with seafood, black olives, etc.

In addition, in this case, using Spectrum Culinary with organic mayonnaise in extra virgin olive oil will increase the taste of your pizza even more.

It has a rich, creamy taste that complements the taste of your pizza and fits perfectly if you have shrimp in your pizza.

This mayonnaise is produced with cage-free eggs, organic ingredients, and extra virgin olive oil for flavor. This texture makes it easy to spread on your pizza. So by having this mayonnaise at home, you can use it in many other pizza flavors that you like(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Price: $9 for 12 fl. oz.

5〉 Habanero Garlic Mayonnaise from Duke

This mayonnaise is a sealed deal for all non-vegetarian pizzas in the United States. If you like spicy food, the mix of hot habanero and garlic in mayonnaise is the perfect combination you need.

It will enhance the taste of your pizza, give it a soft texture, and most importantly, make the pizza taste better. So to spice up your life, this sugar-free mayonnaise is a perfect choice to use in homemade pizzas.

Price: $4.99 for 14 fl oz

6〉 Mayonnaise with avocado kraft oil

If you like the creamy mayonnaise taste rich in avocado oil, you will love the taste of avocado kraft avocado oil mayonnaise on a Margherita pizza.

Mayonnaise with avocado kraft oil is rich and creamy, and when spread over pizza helps to get rid of pizza dryness and gives a smooth texture. This way, you can easily add this mayonnaise to any dry or tasteless pizza to make it taste better(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Price: $4.38 for 30 fl oz

7〉 Selected food of vegetable avocado oil and mayonnaise

If you can’t resist the urge to have a pizza, making it at home will be healthier than buying pizza in the store.

And on homemade pizza, you should add mayonnaise with vegetable avocado oil chosen for food instead of adding a lot of cheese.

This great taste of mayonnaise gives the homemade pizza a creamy texture that contains store-bought pizza. You can combine vegan mayonnaise with corn, vegetable tofu, and vegetables.

Price: $19.99 for 12 fl oz


Therefore, in the end, as you can understand that they are good aspects of using mayonnaise in pizza. There is plenty of deliciously flavored mayonnaise on the market; once you start understanding which mayonnaise fits any type of pizza, you can incorporate those flavors on a different level.

So, enjoy pizza, and if someone judges you to use mayonnaise in pizza, just ignore it; if you like it, just do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions

Is it strange to dip pizza in mayonnaise?

If you think you’re going to dip pizza life in mayonnaise before eating it, that’s unfortunately weird. Dipping mayonnaise in pizza will take away most of the taste of pizza, so instead of dipping it again, you should spread a little mayonnaise on top of the pizza.

In this way, there will be a balance between the taste of pizza and mayonnaise.

How many calories are in a mayonnaise pizza?

Different flavors of pizza contain different amounts of calories. However, on average, a slice of pizza contains 200 calories, and if you add a tablespoon of mayonnaise to your slice of pizza, it will add approximately 90-100 calories. So, one slice of store-bought pizza with the addition of mayonnaise will contain about 300 kcal(Which Mayonnaise Is Best For Pizza?).

Does pizza with mayonnaise taste good?

Most people don’t like mayonnaise on pizza, but there’s a reason behind it. Pizza is well-tested with mayonnaise, but you must understand which one will perfectly integrate with the flavor of your pizza.

If you have a smoked and spicy chicken pizza and add refreshing mayonnaise, you will gain the taste, so, only because people do not understand much about flavored mayonnaise, which is why they avoid it.

Is it safe to eat pizza with mayonnaise if left overnight?

It is not a problem to eat pizza the next day if it is kept in the refrigerator. But eating fresh pizza is better than keeping it overnight, but if you can’t finish the pizza, try finishing it the next day during lunch.

Keeping pizza with mayonnaise for more than 12-14 hours will make it taste bitter and soggy.


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