What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt

What to wear in Egypt. Sometimes you may be worried about what to wear when you visit a foreign country. Especially when you intend to try different ways to live and enjoy there without contempt for the land or offending anyone (What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt).

Have you ever wondered what are the basic things to include in your luggage when traveling to Egypt? Worried about what you wear there? Is it safe? If Egypt is on your bucket list, here is your guide to what to wear in Egypt depending on the Egyptian culture, different places, climate, and where you spend your time there (What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt).

Young woman sitting on the terrace and looking at the Nile at sunset in Luxor

What are the costumes to pack for Egypt

23 – What to wear for the pyramids?

Your decision to travel to a foreign country with a culture and history that is diverse from your culture and history is always competitive and makes you unsure. It is useful to visit the wonders of the world there, the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the oldest wonders built on Earth and constructed between 2580-2560 BC. You can wear a ribbed knit sweater with a soft turtle neckline and beige wide-leg trousers for a subtle look. To prevent your hair from tangled with grains of sand on a windy day, make it into a bun. You can add to your look these fragile gold earrings, and this luxurious belt. I guarantee you that you will take the most aesthetic photos of yourself with your old colleague. If you are a travel enthusiast, you might enjoy our previous post on the 27 best winter travel clothes for ladies that are trending these days (What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt).

Young Caucasian woman walking in the ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor


↓ 22 – Can You Wear Short Top Shirts in Egypt?

Many people are curious to know if Egypt is safe after the events of the Arab Spring and political propaganda. It is perfectly natural to be concerned that the propaganda of the cause presented by the media has convinced many people that the Middle East is a dangerous place for decades. Egypt is safe, do not let anything dissuade you from visiting such a majestic place, but it is better to come with a tour group. You can wear loose, wide-leg pants with a short tank blouse. Yes, you can wear a short top and it is acceptable to wear it in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Women looking at the scenic view of Siwa Oasis at sunset


21 – What to wear in Egypt in December

It is a misconception among some that Egypt is a large desert with dust storms and unbearable temperatures. The same view applies to the Persian Gulf which is also incorrect. There are cities and urban places for leisure activities. You can book a five-star hotel room, shop in the stylish large shopping malls or walk through the city center and bagpipes to see Western buildings built in colonial times. You can wear leather shoes and a yellow shirt tucked into high-waisted light jeans. Big yes for this brown cotton coat, delicate bronze watch, pendant, and silver bracelet (What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt).


↓ 20 – For yacht rides

Are you planning a yacht ride in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada? You can relax on a tripton the Red Sea, enjoying the strong smell of salt water and the rush of tides. For lightweight clothing that is soft on your body, try a black cotton tight shirt with a wide collar that adds a touch of vintage appeal. High-waisted striped paper bag pants with slippers will provide you with a stylish look. Keep your hair loose to allow fresh air to manipulate it. Here are women’s costumes for the airport and 15 ways to travel like a celebrity (What to wear in Egypt? Top 23 Travel Wear Ideas in Egypt).


↓19 – It will look nice on the beach.

Try large-scale black pants with a tight crop white top and silver soles. This great beach outfit will go well when you head to the beach bar for a smoothie and have your meal after changing your bathing suit.


↓ 18 – Stylish clothes for the Luxor trip

You will miss the most wonderful places in Egypt if you are not touring Luxor and Aswan where the most important archaeological sites in ancient Egypt are located. You have to moisturize your skin often with sun cream and wear sunglasses and a hat because Luxor turns into an oven in summer. The vintage classic hue of this bold broad-legged red jumpsuit harmonizes with golden sunlight, san,d, and a childish blue sky. This will provide you with bright lighting that is perfect for your photos in high quality. You can choose one made of lightweight cotton to reduce sweating. It is highly recommended to use sneakers instead of heels or sandals.

17 – Stick To The Casual Look

When you are in Egypt you have to wear casual clothes often. If you want to spend your time exploring shopping malls and stores to buy new things and gifts, then you should dress casually. You can also find trendy local stores at low prices stuck on their clothing brands. A colorful medium sweater with a turtle neckline folded within dark-colored jeans is my favorite because Egypt can be cold in December and January. You can replace high-heeled shoes with sneakers to play on trampolines or walk for hours comfortably.

↓ 16 – What to Pack for the Nile Cruise

You won’t go anywhere outside of Cairo or Aswan until you witness the magical beauty of the Nile. You can dine on the riverside or ride a felucca on the Nile while watching the sunset. Yellow is the color of this season, so I suggest it a lot in my articles. You can wear such a simple outfit as pair of jeans with a yellow Ceylon jacket and sneakers. In case of a windy day, you need to wrap around your neck a scarf embossed in black and white. If your Nile cruise is sailing from Luxor to Aswan, remember to immerse your hands in it to drink directly from its pure water.

15 – On an evening walk

If you are partying with your companion at night or are walking leisurely, push these wide-legged flowers generally printed with high heels or flat sandals. You can also wear them on the beach in summer.

14 – You can wear a floral dress

You’ll look glamorous in this floral summer dress when you visit the biggest temples and tombs.

↓ 13 – Wearing Shorts and Skirts in Egypt

Egyptians are not extremists and have nothing to do with Islam but they adhere to their beliefs and traditions. If you’re walking alone wearing shorts or a skirt, expect to face verbal sexual harassment and possibly physical harassment from some of the men out there. Especially if you walk through chaotic public streets where you can find all the different classes, ideologies, and ideas. I can never underestimate the existence of discrimination – I think it’s a global issue. Generalizing everything is also an act of spreading deception and disinformation. Not all Egyptian men will hurt you, but some will also protect you. We will blame the lack of morals and education, not religion. It is good to wear them in shopping centers, tourist areas, and restaurants. You will be safer if you wear them while touring with your group accompanied by a tour of tour guide. The Valley of the Kings is a very hot place, so you can wear a lightweight burgundy blouse tucked into a miniskirt or a denim skirt with a striped cardigan.

↓ 12 – Your Skin Will Be Happy To Wear This

I will always insist that skirts make us free and comfortable. It allows all air to flow, unlike trousers. Get your to-do list with a long white skirt and emerald green shirt with drawstring sandals.

↓ 11 – Best Dresses for the Nubian Village

The Nubian Village is the most magical and cherished location you may ever travel to. Nowhere will you see such a colorful aesthetic place in Egypt. Moreover, the unconditional kindness of the Nubian people will make you feel stunned. You can wear a black blouse with folded sleeves in a below-knee skirt with a waist sole with a scarf and flat sandals with drawstrings. You will look great.

↓ 10 – T-shirts are the most common.

You will find that the vast majority of Egyptian Muslims and Christians are conservative and likely to dress modestly and elegantly. T-shirts and pants are the most common clothing, however, you will see Muslim and Christian women veiled in abundance by wearing abayas. You may enjoy your free time reading Egyptian-English magazines like Horse Time, and Ancient Egypt Magazine while sipping your favorite coffee. You can wear a gray T-shirt with a round neck tucked into white high-waisted trousers. Be careful about leaving your hotel undressed in white on a windy day filled with dusty air. Any color is better than white, especially for your shoes because they won’t last long in some muddy places in Cairo. This cowboy hat will protect you from the scorching sun and heat. Here are 20 great summer travel clothes for women.

↓ 9- Try on the abaya when visiting the mosque.

You need to visit a barefoot mosque once in your life to witness the great tranquility and grandeur it has and the incredible magnificent Islamic architecture. Mosques in Egypt will give you chills, the top of which are the old mosques built in the golden age of Islam such as the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. They will mind you getting in there unless you dress modestly and don’t show off your skin much. How about trying something new? You can find this cheap cotton cloak and other styles in souvenir shops. Show respect by covering your hair with a scarf like Princess Diana did when she visited Al-Azhar.

8 – Wear what the Egyptian teenager wears

Egyptian teenagers wear casual clothes, mostly jeans. Try a light brown shirt and black leggings with a jean jacket.

↓ 7 – What to wear for a safari in Egypt

You can take a quick trip to Egypt by driving a beach cart and going on a safari. Try these ripped black pants, a black shirt, and an olive-lined jacket. These colors will not make dust on clothes noticeable. The firm rule is not to wear anything other than sneakers, otherwise, you will get stuck in the heels, or the sand sticks to your toes through the sandals.

6 – Silk dress

Feel free to wear a yellowish silk dress and wedge sandals with your partner to explore the famous busy market.

↓ 5 – Dress Code in Egypt Hotels

There are many Western cafes and restaurants in Egypt such as Starbucks, Dhirkin’s Donuts, Pool, Panda Express, Cinnabon, etc. You will also find local cafes established in the Egyptian style. You can try some Egyptian courses such as koshary, stuffed squash, and falafel. There are Asian restaurants where you can order ramen, sushi, biryani, and more. It is very common to wear T-shirts and blouses in summer. Try to respect places and people by being kind and polite and wearing modest clothing such as a jean jacket or cardigan over the top. In winter, you can wear a black sweater with a round neck with these ripped jeans and a medium-sized crossbody bag. Don’t miss the chance to get the top 15 walking shoes for Europe trips and travel style.

↓ 4 – Beautiful dress suitable for riding a camel

If you plan to ride a camel or horse, note that their backs are stiff, so wearing a skirt will be uncomfortable. Wear a white shirt with wide-leg cotton pants.

↓ 3 – Beautiful clothing to wear when visiting Khan al-Khalili

You need to dress as simply as possible and not overdo it with your appearance. You can wear a white shirt and wide pants with a cardigan jacket.

↓ 2 – Best Time to Travel to Egypt and Best Clothes to Wear

If you can’t stand the heat, it’s best to book your flight ticket from November to March when it’s cooler. It does not rain frequently in Egypt, but it rains heavily when it is time for clouds to break its water. Cairo is more fun and happy in winter while Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are in summer. I am assured that you are not the only foreigner, but the majority visit Egypt to spend Christmas there. By then, you can wear this red and white striped shirt and dark jeans. Most of us forget or skip our clothing belts, although wearing one adds an extra smart look. Bring your jacket as it gets colder at night and a pink satchel bag.

Take the experience of crossing the desert to see the temple that was buried underwater but survived, Abu Simbel. You can wear a high-low polka dot dress with wedge sandals.

↓ 1- What shoes should be worn in Egypt

Now in the direction of shoes, you need to pack at least one pair of sneakers for the days when you will walk a lot. We recommend some light and breathable sneakers like Vivobarefoot Women’s Ultra 3 water sneakers that you can get here for as low as $60. Other than that, you should have some sandals (you can wear gold-colored wrestler sandals if you want some Egyptian vibe) and light slippers for the beach.

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