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Tips on what to pack for Greece 2023

Summer has started and it’s time to travel now! Get ready for Hot Girl Summer! Are you going to Greece soon but have no idea what to pack? Do not worry! We got you. Here is a list of outfits you need to pack and take with you when traveling. Greece is a beautiful country to go to and the best time to travel is from the beginning of April till September because this is the time when you will enjoy yourself the most and it is a great place for tourists with lots of exciting activities. Here are some tips on how to design your clothes and the accessories you should take to make you look better(Travel clothes in Greece – 23 tips on what to pack for Greece).

clothes ideas for Greece
Happy couple on vacation time enjoys the summer sunset over the Aegean Sea by the swimming pool with an aperitif drink

What clothes to wear when traveling to Greece?

If you are traveling to Greece for the first time and you are confused about what to pack, this is the place for you because we will show you a lot of inspiration with clothes for the right activities and costumes that will elevate Insta with all these sexy looks! Let’s all get excited about your vacation and start packing! Other than that, are you confused about where to buy all those clothes? Let us help you in a few places where you can easily buy similar clothes, here are some tips as well on what to have with you and some of what you should and should not do for your clothes to travel to Greece. (Travel clothes in Greece – 23 tips on what to pack for Greece)

Tips on what to pack in Greece?

  • Take a lot of summer dresses because in Greece it can be very hot from 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, so the dresses will be the most comfortable to wear.
  • If you are going in December, it may be cold so keep jackets with you and moisturizer to protect your skin from drying out.
  • Take sunscreen!! The sun can damage your skin in sunny weather, so don’t forget to wear sunscreen at all times, whether you’re on the beach or just walking around, it’s important.
  • Sandals and slippers will be the best to wear if you plan to walk around a lot, take a few pairs of high-heeled shoes to spend nights with friends but it is better to wear more flat shoes to stay comfortable. You can get more ideas from the best walking shoes for a trip to Europe.
  • Be sure to plan outings and dress accordingly! Take your swimsuit if you plan to swim or relax in the lake a lot and if you are going in the winter, take ski equipment and lots of coats/jackets!

clothes ideas for Greece

23 – Short Shorts

Shorts are a summer essential, and wearing ripped shorts is very nice, so take the shorts with you and pair them with any colored or white shirt for a casual look.


22- Midi skirts in Greece

Multi-colored skirts with a simple top of the tank will give a perfect holiday look with wavy hair on the beach, pair them with a matching bag and heels and you’re all set to go out and explore on hot summer days.


21 – Cozy it up

Decided to go to Greece in October-November? It’s usually nice and a bit warm in those months but it can still be a bit cold on some days and nights so take a pair of boots and a jacket black shoes will easily go with any color as you wear them over your dress and still look great while staying warm.


20 –Polka dots

Black and white dress with puffed sleeves with red lips, this narration will make you look very sexy and perfect for going out, wear it with a pair of sandals and a matching red bag with large earrings to complete the whole look. Here are some of my favorite costumes from Polka Dot( Tips on what to pack for Greece).


19 – Wrap up

There is a new trend in the city, get creative and use a scarf to turn it into a top, it can work with any scarf and looks very cute and colorful, you can easily pair it with pants. Later, use this scarf as a bandana or around your neck, it serves multiple purposes, and looks stylish in every look!


18 – Winter Days

Greece can get very cold in December, so if you’re planning to go winter, be sure to wear a nice puff jacket and jackets that look very attractive when worn with a pair of jeans, so get one of those!


Reveal all

1 Puffer Jacket $65.97.000

2 High Waist Jeans $43.99

17- Mini Dresses All the Way

Small dresses will be there for you in hot weather, and they are always in trend. Get an attractive and stylish look this holiday and wear a white dress that you can easily wear with a pair of white sneakers and don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!


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1 Women’s Summer Dress with Ruffled Sleeves USD 32.99

2 Women’s Grand Court Adidas Sneakers $49.97

3 Vintage round sunglasses $18.99

16 – Two-piece sexy dress

Long two-piece dresses are a must! It looks very nice and looks great. If you want a very light and fluffy look, get a couple of floral pieces and the best part about that is that you can even use it as a separate top with some cute pants. It’s a win-win mode.


15 – Sun Protection!

It can be very sunny in Greece, so don’t forget your hat! Summer straw hats look stylish with anything, wear them with a dress, blouse, or even on the beach. It will protect you from the sun and make your clothes look bomb at the same time.


Reveal all

1 Straw Beach Hat $21.99

14 – It’s Boating Time

If you are in Greece, then you need boating. Don’t forget to pack your boat outfits, elevate your boating style, and invest in a white two-piece outfit, and a cute white T-shirt with a skirt that looks amazing and will be perfect for spending quality time with your friends or family. Here is a whole collection of boat fashion ideas for girls.


13 – Snow Angels

Many people prefer to go to Greece in the summer but few people want to explore the beautiful country in winter and enjoy the snow, so if you are one of those, pack your fake hats and scarves that keep you warm and warm! This long beige coat will keep you warm and stylish at all times.


12 – Mini Skirts!

Skirts are never a bad option, if you want to get a casual look, a light blue skirt will be your favorite choice! Match it with a matched blue peak or not, it will go with any other peak too! Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and white sneakers and head out.



11 – Show off that leg

Long-flowing dresses look great, especially with this sexy notch, this blue dress will look super hot on a dinner date in Santorini, Greece. Wear this dress with a pair of high-heeled shoes and gold hoops and go for a romantic dinner with a statement dress or even with girls. ( Tips on what to pack for Greece)


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1 Women’s Sexy Split Maxi $38.99

2 Statement of drop earrings $8.99

3 Open Toe Heel Sandals $41.99

10 – Don’t cycle in this!

Orange is a great color for summer and this dress makes us drool! Beautiful cuts and neckline have a super appeal, and this dress will look best when you walk around the streets of Nafplion, Greece. Warning: It is not recommended to wear this dress!


9 – Snorkeling time

Going to Greece and not going snorkeling?! Go swimming with turtles on the beaches but don’t forget a swimsuit! This black and white one-piece swimsuit will be your best friend if you love water. It may be simple, but it will make you look stylish!


8 – Beaches day out

Don’t like swimming but still enjoy going to the beach? We’ve got you covered. Pack this net overall and relax! The dresses look cute and will feel white with super light and bliss on the hot beach. Also, don’t forget your flip-flops and a bag to keep your sunscreen on!


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1 Summer swimsuit covers $17.97

2 Jelly Boo Flip Flops $18

3 Women’s Handwoven Straw Bag 26.99

4 Straw Panama Roll-Up Hat $24.99

7 – Jump to the suit!

Suits have been in fashion for a long time and still suits always look great so take this suit from your closet or get a new one like this light blue suit because it will make a hell of a summer outfit if you pair it with some hoops and wide heels.


6 – Sunny Side up

It may be sunny in Greece, so don’t forget to pack all your favorite sunglasses! These leopard cat-eye sunglasses will look great when you’re relaxing in the lake and cuddling a drink in your hand or getting the perfect tan on the beach so you’d better pack different pairs for all those activities.



5 – The new look

Bandanas are in fashion now so don’t forget to take them to Greece! A simple outfit can make it look great, so if you don’t want to get dressed, wear a bandana to make you look cool and stylish. It is also very fashionable so does not forget to take a lot of pictures of it.


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1 Cotton Tissues $3.85

2 Palazzo Wide Leg Pants $23.34

3 V-neck sleeveless highest yield $14.99

4 – Bikini time

Show off your body and curves in a sexy bikini and these two shiny pieces will make you shine and shine on the beach in hot weather. If you’re wearing this, be prepared to have too many looks at you because you’ll look hot!


3- Backless in Greece

Don’t know what to wear on a night date? Backless dresses are a must if you are going on vacation because they look very attractive, and this hot pink satin dress should be on your shopping list before you leave because it will make you look like a goddess. BTW don’t forget to wear your hair in a bun to show that skin. Here’s our guide on the best bras to wear with a backless dress for the perfect look( Tips on what to pack for Greece)


2 – Night out with friends when in Greece

Going out for drinks with friends is a common outing, don’t you know what to wear? Show off a stunning brunette with this intricate black blouse and mini black skirt matching with some cute sandals or a pair of high heels and enjoy the most beautiful night with some drinks! Be careful not to pour some drink on the surface. And check out these ideas on What to Wear for a Girls’ Night Out.


1 – Dress away

Bright summer dresses look amazing and fresh, this amazing white and pink dress will make you stand out and is perfect for summer, pair it with a cute tote bag and some sandals and you are ready to go out and enjoy beautiful Greece!

clothes ideas for Greece


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What colors should you wear in Greece?

Wear any color you like but bright colors like yellow, pink, and orange look beautiful in summer as they give a fresh summer look, try wearing a little black because it can be a hot color but it’s entirely up to you!

Q: What should not be worn in Greece?

There is nothing specific you should not wear, each one is your own and you should wear what you feel well, and some suggestions on what might look beautiful and fashionable have been mentioned in this article!

Q: What to wear in Greece so as not to look like a tourist?

The first tip is not to wear T-shirts and clothes from souvenir shops with typical slogans like “I am ❤️ Greece” as this will make it clear that you are a tourist. Secondly, surprisingly, a lot of locals in Greece like to wear black all day long. So, if you wish, you can try to wear black and avoid keeping tour maps as well and switch to phone maps to avoid appearing as a timer for the first time.

Q: What to wear in Greece in October?

The weather in Greece is around 20-24 degrees and it is still nice and warm so you can still be inspired by the travel clothes mentioned in this article some nights may be a bit cold so keep a light jacket or jacket with you. Keeps you warm.


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