The Top 5 Hip-Hop Accessory Brands

I am constantly looking for fresh and underappreciated fashion accessories companies (The Top 5 Hip-Hop Accessory Brands). I’ve discovered a few in the past few months that I enjoy, so check out these 5 labels and start looking for new sunglasses, purses, hair accessories and other accessories!

Given that Desi Perkins is a major influencer and businesswoman who founded the DEZI and DEZI SKIN brands, it only makes it natural that her line of sunglasses would be equally hip as Desi’s. You can mix and match different frames with various outfits on DEZI to meet all of your styling needs because the eyeglass frames are good quality and reasonably priced.DEZI

Sunglasses by Dezi | $85DEZI
The embellishments on these sunglasses are accessories! Asymmetrical “piercings” on the frame that resemble your favourite edgy earrings provide an extra layer of style to the sleek rounded-rectangle frames, which are already cool on their own.

2) Artesano 

To produce genuine Panama hats, the Ecuadorian hat company ArtesanoArtesano combines contemporary designs with time-honoured hand-weaving methods and environmentally friendly materials. The company also makes tote bags and wallets in addition to its array of vibrant woven hats. Shop the Artesano Malibu Crochet Weave Toquilla Straw Bucket Hat ($240).ARTESANO. I adore how this hat incorporates the fashionable bucket hat.
3) Adornmonde
Adornmonde is the perfect place to find lovely jewellery items because I’m constantly looking for attractive jewellery brands that up the ante on jewellery without blowing my budget. If you notice a style you like, actAdornmonde quickly because they produce limited edition collections, so it could not be around forever!

Adornmonde Bradley Zodiac Earrings by Adornmonde Bradley | $184 ADORNMONDE
These 14-carat gold and diamond studs are too cute and a good change of pace from your standard everyday stud if you can’t get enough of telling people your star sign and want to wear your zodiac proudly.

4) Emi Jay
It’s time to learn more about Emi Jay if you don’t already know her because I’m about to introduce you to your new favourite hair accessory company. Emi jayThanks to this brand, you will be motivated to arrange your hair in thousands of fresh ways because there are simply too many adorable hair clips, pins, headbands, and scrunchies to count. Guava Emi Jay Super Bloom Claw Clip, $15JAY EMI
With this adorable flowery claw clip, you can bring the summer wherever you go. You will receive numerous compliments on this regardless of whether you wear your hair up out of your face at the beach or in an ornamented style for a party at sunset.
5) Patou
With ready-to-wear items that combine street style with that distinctively French “je ne sais quoi,” the Patou brand is renowned for its French coolPatou appeal. There is a completely new method to display your fashionable side with the introduction of their new Le Patou bag.Water Green Le Patou Bag, $1250PATOU
The Le Patou Bag is a versatile everyday bag that may be used as a crossbody or shoulder bag. It is available in a limited number of colours because it is made from deadstock leather. This shade of blue from the Caribbean is gorgeous and will add life and energy to any ensemble.


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