The five steps for choosing a perfect engagement ring

It got to that time: you are completely in love and decided that you would propose. Congratulations! While you have two important decisions ahead of you  one of the biggest decisions is choosing an engagement ring.

This can be quite daunting, especially for someone who is not well-versed in jewelry, but Hatton Garden Jewellers, London will help you choose the perfect ring for you and your partner. Here are THE FIVE STEPS FOR CHOOSING A PERFECT ENGAGEMENT RING

Has To Be Wallet Friendly, Right?

Income. The usual rule of thumb for a budget is a full three-month salary – so save! Some people find that they want to waste buying once in a lifetime, others want to call back due to wage instability, and some people find that their budgets change once they start looking. There is no right or wrong way as long as you spend within your means, but tip 1: Don’t go too far to put yourself in debt. And tip 2, don’t put anything in stone but have a personality or idea.

Understanding Your Stones

Diamond is the usual stone used, and the central stone is the most expensive component of the ring. So as expected, this is probably the most complicated step! While diamonds are the most common, you can use any stone you like – and various options have become more popular in recent years. Basic tip: spend time searching for different types of stones, and do not exhaust yourself. This is the main part of the episode so it’s important to be right. Keep searching until you find the one who makes your soul sing.

The four Cs elements play here: cut, clarity, color, and carat. There are also about a dozen variations to choose from and all of these things can have an impact on the price. Another tip: if you have to compromise, choose to do it based on color or clarity but try not to skimp on the story.

Now it’s time to decide on additional details. Some people like to have smaller stones around the center, and if the budget allows for a personal touch, they will always be appreciated. Bespoke services are always a good way to go if you need help or want to design your ring completely for your partner. Working with a team of professionals to guide you to coordinate your custom ring is a great help and burdens you!

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A Little About Metals

White gold is mostly used in rings, but again there are no rules here as long as you and your partner are happy with the options. You need to consider color, strength, and rarity. Try to choose a metal that balances the stone pattern while being strong enough to withstand everyday shocks and hard enough not to bend. You don’t want a soft or flexible metal that deforms after a few months.


There are countless ways to ensure you get the right size, and this is a really important step. Before you head to the jewelry store, try taking one of your partner’s current rings with you for a guide. You don’t want the ring to be too small to slip over its finger when you suggest it, and you don’t want it to slip!

And Style!

The method is perhaps the second biggest decision made. There are classic solitaire styles, newer and more modern halo patterns, a little few more vintage options, and more! The pattern refers to stone inlay, which is the way the stone is fixed to the bar. It is a big factor in the overall appearance of the ring. Do your research, know your options, know which one suits your partner, and do not rush! This is another big step, so take your time to make sure you’re doing it right. When you’re ready, Hatton Garden Jewellers can help you with your choice, so feel free to start browsing and start your journey to the perfect engagement ring.

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