Teva Return Policy

According to the (Teva Return Policy), if you are not satisfied with Teva Shoes. You can return it within 30 days of your purchase.

For people’s daily activities and even sports, it’s important to have some comfortable shoes, and that’s where Teva’s shoes shine.

Teva’s shoes are comfortable and made of excellent quality materials.

The brand was first established in 1984. At first, it started its business in the United States, but now Teva delivers its products to different locations around the world.

However, customers actually like Teva’s shoes, but still, there may be situations where the style or size does not meet the customer’s demand.

In this situation, returning the Teva product and receiving a refund is a better option.

Therefore, for those who want to return a purchased Teva item, this article is the best guide to Teva’s return policy.

Teva Return Policy Return Process

Teva is a well-established website for shoes.

Teva shoes are comfortable, and you can wear them everywhere, in the mountains, at sea, as your regular shoes.

Because of these amazing features, users who use Teva shoes trust the company a lot.

But since there are situations when customers are not satisfied with the item and want to return them, in that case, it is important to know the rules,

So to return the Tiwa item,

Teva products must be returned within 30 days, whether purchased from or any other authorized online/local retailer.

  • The product must be worn, clean, and harmless.
  • Original packaging, shoe box, and tags must be retained.
  • They should come back as a complete couple.

etc. These are the basic rules you must follow to return your Teva product.


How to return the product to Teva?

Teva is a great brand option where customers can easily buy comfortable shoes that they can wear whenever and wherever they want.

But when it comes to shoes, there are chances of some fitting problems, style, etc. So, in such situations, sometimes customers prefer to return the items.


Therefore, to return your Teva item purchased from the Teva website, then,

Enter your order number, email address, and billing or shipping zip code on the return page.

  • Then complete the Teva withdrawal process by providing all the required information.
  • After that, print the return form and label it from the website.
  • When packing your Teva product well for return, add a return form to the package with your shoes.
  • Then, paste the return label at the top or side of the box on the Teva Return Package.
  • Then go there to the USPS drop office, submit items for withdrawal, and submit a tracking receipt.


Now if you want your Teva return baggage to be picked up from your location,

  • First, complete the withdrawal request process from the Teva website.

Then, to return pickup, click the link or the pickup shipping page from the USPS website.

  • Fill out the USPS pickup return form and set a pickup date there.
  • After the process and your pickup are confirmed, print the return label.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from the USPS for the default pickup.
  • Then, paste the return label at the top or side of the box on the Teva Return Package.
  • A USPS employee will pick up the Teva return product and deliver it to the Teva Wearhouse on a due date.


In addition, if your Teva shoes are purchased from authorized Teva retailers, Teva will accept shoes for withdrawal.

But the return and shipping cost is the customer’s responsibility.


Teva return policy for bad items?

The chances of getting something damaged from Teva are very low. Whenever Teva sends anything to customers, they always make sure the product is in perfect condition.

But somehow, if Teva sent the wrong product or size or if the product was damaged during shipping.

You can then call or text  Teva’s customer service number 800-367-8382, or live chat is also available on the Teva website.

Try to register your complaint immediately after receiving the Teva item.

This will help you wait for a replacement or refund for your Teva product.

But somehow, if the product is damaged by the user, Teva will not accept the return of the product, in addition to you will have to pay shipping charges.


What products does Teva not accept as a refund?

Teva is a well-known shoe brand in the United States, and people around the country buy items from Teva.

Now, unlike other companies, Teva is very flexible, and if customers are not satisfied with the product, they easily provide free returns for these items.

But they don’t just accept worn or damaged products at the time of return and items listed in the final sale.

In addition, all items are accepted in Tiwa for return.


Is Teva a free return?

No one likes to pay the return price. To purchase goods, consumers already have to pay a lot of money, and when they are not satisfied with the product, it is meaningless for them to pay the refund price.

Therefore, understanding the customer’s point of view, Teva offers free returns and exchanges for orders made from

If the customer buys Teva shoes from authorized retailers, they can also return the product to the company.

But for these items, customers will have to pay back shipping charges. Therefore, it is better to buy Teva shoes from the original website.


Can I exchange Teva items instead of returning them?

Yes, customers can exchange their Teva shoes instead of returning them.

Well, users who loved the Teva item but, due to some size or color issues, want to return the product.

In this case, for them, exchange is the best option.

But the exchange largely depends on the availability of the product; if the required item is available, it is fine, otherwise, the customers will have to return it(Teva Return Policy).

Suppose the user bought Teva’s shoes using credit debit or other appropriate payment methods.

In this case, they can exchange the item with any other product they choose and pay the additional amount separately.

But if Teva shoes are purchased using after-payment as a payment method, the user can only exchange a single model or color item.


How long will it take to get a refund from Teva?

The refund in Teva is very smooth, and even after sending the item for a refund, you can track the product to make sure it reaches Teva Wearhouse successfully.

After the product reaches Teva Wearhouse, it takes 5 to 10 days to process the item.

During this process, the product’s quality, its paperwork, etc. are verified to ensure that the Teva item is eligible for return.

Then after 15 days, you’ll get a refund of your Teva return item.

For the purchase of shoes online, the customer will receive a Teva refund through the original payment format.

But shipping charges will not be refunded as they are one-time fees.

Items not purchased through the website will receive a refund as site credit on the mail ID provided by them(Teva Return Policy).


Most Commonly Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions.

What does a Teva warranty have to do with a refund?

In Teva, if you have missed the return period for any purchased items, you can return your product using the TEVA warranty service.

The company provides a one-year product warranty from the date of purchase of all Teva items.

But if there is product modification, normal wear, and excessive wear or misuse, in that case, your Teva product is not eligible for warranty coverage.


Does Teva accept returned items that have not been purchased from their website or store?

Yes, you can return Teva items purchased from authorized Teva retailers.

But in return, you’ll get site credit for buying anything new from Teva.

If Teva shoes weren’t originally purchased from the company’s website, a refund is not available.

In addition, if the product is not purchased from’s website, then all return costs should be met by the customer.

The shipping cost is not refundable, but it is recommended that the user keep tracking information until the Teva return process is complete.


Can we return the Teva item without a receipt?

To return the product to Teva, it is very important to have a receipt for the original payment.

If the customer buys the item from, it is not an issue to maintain the purchase received.

But for retail store purchases, the teva purchase receipt must be in place.

But if the receipt is lost, Teva will accept the return of the item, based on a 1-year warranty policy.

However, the ability to return the product without a receipt will be decided from the date of its manufacture.

So to successfully return your product and get your refund without any hassle, you must have a receipt for your Teva product.


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