Samsonite Return Policy

If you wish to(Samsonite Return Policy ) return a Samsonite item, you must return it within the first 60 days of purchase.

On your travel trip, people trust Samsonite, but still, no matter how much people prefer it, there are cases of returns.

And with hundreds of people buying things from Samsonite Daily, a comeback is unavoidable.

Samsonite is a well-known and well-known luggage retailer.

Customers can purchase small toilet cases to huge bags for international travel at the Samsonite store and website.

And now Samsonite has entered the gaming business as well.

This company was first founded in 1910, and with more than 100 years of experience, Samsonite is expanding its field of satisfaction and satisfaction.

That is why, even when customers want to return the purchased item, they can easily do so without any fuss.

What is the return policy for Samsonite?

All over the world, Samsonite is a very trustworthy company where customers buy their bags and equipment.

And because customers trust this company, which is why they don’t think twice before buying a Samsonite travel item.

But still, when some situation happens, customers have to return their items to the company(Samsonite Return Policy ).

To do this, there are some rules about Samsonite product return that our customers should know,

So, to return the samsonite element,

  • You must return the Samsonite item purchased within the first 60 days from the original shipping date.
  • While returning the item, it must be unused, inexperienced, and in brand-new condition.
  • Samsonite items must have all the tags and proper packaging.
  • When you purchase an item from the Samsonite store, it must also be returned to the Samsonite store. The same rule is for Samsonite to return items online as well.
  • You cannot return Samsonite-approved merchandise retail to its stores or fulfillment centers.


And so on, you should remember these rules and regulations while returning a Samsonite item to the company.


How to return a product to Samsonite?


Samsonite is a Crest company, and they always guarantee a satisfying experience by purchasing items from Samsonite.

Samsonite products from Oliver The World are in demand, but still, for some reason, when customers want to return their Samsonite item, it’s best to know how to do it.


So, regarding the Samsonite item in the store,

  • First-time visit to the store from where you bought your samsonite item,
  • Then go to the customer service desk and ask the Samsonite employee to tell the Samsonite employee that you want to return your Samsonite product.
  • Next, show them the original receipt of the purchased item in Samsonite.
  • Then, they will thoroughly check the quality of the item, and if everything is in order, they will accept the item to return.


Now, if you want to return the item purchased through the mail, then,

  • Visit the Samsonite website on the Samsonite website to open Samsonite Online Return directly.
  • Next, create a payout by providing all the necessary information regarding your order item and why you want to return your Samsonite item.
  • After the return-making process, the order will pre-create a return tag and return license.
  • Print the return label and return license, then while taking your return item, place the return authorization papers inside the written Samsonite package. And throw the prepaid return label at the top or side of the Samsung return package.
  • Next, drop the item into the Samsonite Courier Courier authorized office.

Besides, it is also important to know that after buying an item from Samsonite from the store, you must return it to the same store where you bought it.

Also, for a Samsonite item purchased online, you must return it by mail, because Samsonite does not accept online returns in the store(Samsonite Return Policy ).


Samsonite return policy for damaged items?


After purchasing an item from Samsonite, if the customer claims that the purchased item has been damaged, in this case, Samsonite has you covered.

Well, while sending an item to the customer, Samsonite always ensures that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition.

However, during transportation, any accidents or damage can occur.

So after receiving a damaged item from Samsonite, after the return process, you must return the items to the company and state the reason behind your return.

Then, when the items are returned to the Samsonite warehouse, the staff will thoroughly check the quality of the product and the reason for the yield.

If the item is found to be damaged or incorrect, Samsonite will refund the product amount and shipping cost.

And if not, and the claims are wrong, Samsonite will charge you $14.99 or $9.99 as a shipping fee for the return.

Aside from that, some Samsonite items have a limited warranty for manufacturing boxes and provide a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Therefore, if your purchased product has been supervised by the warranty policy, Samsonite will refund or repair it.

But for that, you should consider contacting Samsonite customer service(Samsonite Return Policy ).


What products does Samsonite not accept as yield?

Well, in all companies there are rules and regulations regarding the items they accept to return, and similarly, there are things that Samsonite does not accept either.

However, unfortunately, those are mentioned on the site.

Samsonite is a company that mostly sells travel items to customers, so accepting most items in the company is not difficult for them.

But if the purchased Samsonite item is broken, used, damaged, or has any other customer-induced issues, Samsonite will not accept the item to return.


Does Samsonite have a free return?


No, unfortunately, Samsonite’s return fee is not free.

After ordering something from Samsonite and waiting for that order to arrive, when customers are dissatisfied with the item and have to return it, the feeling is not good.

In such cases, free return shipping helps. But, since carriers do not offer free services, paying for the return is important.

Most of all, samsonite travel items are great, so handling them for free is difficult.

So to use the one-time prepaid return tag provided by Samsonite, you have to pay $14.99 if it’s a travel item, and if it’s a non-prepaid item, then for the Samsonite return mark, you have to pay $9.99.

Therefore, to return your Samsonite item through mail, these fees cannot be avoided(Samsonite Return Policy ).


Can we exchange an item in Samsonite instead of returning it?

Well, at Samsonite, various items are available, and Samsonite customers prefer a lot to buy the desired items.

Now after purchasing, if the customer wants to exchange the item for a better size or color in this case, customers cannot do it directly.

If you want to exchange your Samsonite item, as a customer, in this case, you must return your order to the company.

Then, when the Samsonite product is successfully returned, and you receive a refund, you can place a new order to purchase the desired item in Samsonite.

If the product is out of stock, in this case, you should buy something else, or you can keep Samsonite’s money.


How long will it take to recover from Samsonite?

Customers want to redeem their Samsonite immediately after returning a product to the company.

They don’t have the purchased product with anyone, so they remain worried about a refund.

Don’t worry; Samsonite is a real brand and is always on time.

So after applying for a Samsonite return, it takes about 14 business days to process the Samsonite return process.

When you’re done, take a day to an extra business day to allow the refund to appear on your credit card statement.

To return at Samsonite, you will only receive the cost of the returned product.

There are no refundable shipping and processing charges at Samsonite unless the product arrives or the product is damaged or incorrect.

Also, if the returned Samsonite item is a promotional item from the website, the refund amount may be reduced at the time of return.

However, if you have any queries about Samsonite products, email or use their chat support for guidance.


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