Saje Return Policy

Here we share detailed information about (Saje’s return policy).

In today’s world where everything is cheating, even medicine, trusting and getting used to medicines is something that many people prefer.

This is how Saji appeared in the market.

Saje is a health company where customers can purchase essential oils and other herbal oils to treat headaches, stress, colds, indigestion, etc.

Not only that, but customers can also purchase Saje skincare, body care, etc. products.

That’s right, over time, Saje has gained great popularity among customers.

But whether these components will work in their bodies depends on person to person.

That is why if the customer is not satisfied with the product they purchased from Saje, Saje has provided a return policy.

So, instead of trying random things, it will be easier for you to follow Saje’s return policy and then apply it.

Saje Return Policy Process

Nowadays, essential oils used in stress treatment and pain relief have established a large market in Canada.

Because they do not have any side effects, customers are highly attracted to these items.

But after purchasing essential oils or health products from Saje, if the customer is not satisfied or the product is not working, Saje offers an easy return.


So, to return the Saje product to the store,

  • Visit your nearest Saji store
  • Then go to the cash counter or ask any Saje employee for return instructions.
  • Don’t forget to carry a Saji product receipt with you.
  • Then, if your Saje product is eligible for a return, employees at the Saje Store will accept the return.


If you do not live near any Saje store and want to return the product by mail, in this case,

  • Contact a customer experience team at 1-877-275-7253 or send an email from this page
  • Then, Saje’s experienced team will provide you with a prepaid recharge card.
  • Then print the return shipping label
  • Stick the label at the top or side of your carefully packaged Saje return packaging.
  • Next, drop the package at the mentioned express shipping location.


Saje’s return policy for damaged items?


Saji products are usually white in color and small in size.

It is for this reason that the chances of product damage during shipping are low.

However, if the Saje element is damaged, it no longer works.

In this case, the customer should contact the customer experience team at 1-877-275-7253 or send an email.


What products does Saji not accept as a return?

Saje has a wide range of health products on its website and in stores.

Because of their great service, customers can return any Saje product they are not satisfied with, which they greatly appreciate(Saje’s return policy).

But still, to protect the environment and preserve the well-being of their company, Saje does not accept returns on previously used functional units.


Does Saji have a free return?

Yes, at Saje, returns are free.

Although Saje health products are affordable, if customers are not satisfied with the product or do not get a proper result at first, they will become frustrated. Saje is always willing to offer customers a better component product, but customers won’t want to pay return fees.

For this reason, customers on in-store returns and mail in both directions will receive free shipping for returns from Saje.

Also, for mail returns, Saje will provide you with a prepaid return shipping card; you just have to paste it on the return package(Saje’s return policy).

How long will it take to recover money from Saje?

For in-store returns of Saje products, customers will receive a refund almost immediately after the product is inspected and verified by a Saje employee.

But for mail returns, the product will take some time to reach Saje Wearhouse.

Then, after checking and verifying the item within one to two weeks, customers will receive refunds through their original payment method or as store credit.


Frequently asked questions

Below we share some common questions

Can I return a sage item without a receipt?

If the customer loses the Saje purchase receipt, then a refund will not be available for this order.

However, customers can redeem items for an alternative mix based on their health or apply for a gift card.

Does Saje not offer a refund?

Well, Saje offers cash refunds to customers, but if the product is purchased online.

In addition, if the Saje item was purchased from the store or the item purchased online has some issues, in this case, Saje will provide store credit via the e-gift card.


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