Return policy for Tory Burch

If you want to(Return policy for Tory Burch ) return the Tory Birch product to the company, you must return your Tory Birch purchase item within 30 days.

Also, Tory Birch will offer one-time price adjustments on full-priced items within 14 days.

Tory Birch is a company that sells fashionable items of premium quality.

The collection of handbags is something that fashion lovers can cry for.

But still, if you want to return any items from Tory Birch, the item must be in correct condition with all the tags attached to it at the time of return.

To return, you must show the original receipt when it’s returned to the store.

In addition, there are other things you should know about Tory Birch’s return policy, and so this article about Tory Birch’s return policy is here to help you.

Tory Birch’s return policy for harmful items?


At Tory Birch, customers can buy amazing-looking handbags, accessories, shoes, etc.

And since these are high-quality products, these items cost a bit more.

That’s why Tory Birch ensures that the product is not damaged during delivery.

But still, if there is a situation where the customer experiences a broken Tory birch item instead of perfect, it is not a big problem because that customer can return or replace the item.

If you have received a damaged item from Tory Burch, within the return period, you should contact the Tory Burch Customer Service Number (800) 1181818.

Tell Tory Birch customer service staff about your problem.

Then after the return, you can get a full refund for Tory Burch’s damaged item and shipping expenses(Return policy for Tory Burch ).



How to return the product to Tory Birch?

Fashion-loving women are also in love with Tory birch items.

Tory birch handbags are always in fashion trends, and to match clothing, people prefer to use Tory birch items.

But still, even after Tory Birch likes the item, customers sometimes return the Tory Birch item they bought to the company for their respective reasons.


So, if you want to return your Tory birch item purchased online, then,

  • Go to the Tory Birch website and log in to your account.
  • Then go to the Returns section and select the Tory Birch items that you want to return.
  • Then apply for a return and provide all the required information.
  • Once your Tory Birch product return is confirmed, you’ll receive a notification from a courier partner to schedule a pickup.
  • Then, on your due date, hand over the Tory Birch item to the courier service employee.


And, if you want to return the Tory Birch item offline, then,

  • First, go to the Tory Birch store where you buy items.
  • Go on Tory Burch customer service days and let them know you want to return the items you’ve purchased.
  • Show your Tory Birch item to the staff member and provide all necessary documents and the original receipt of the order.
  • Then after thoroughly checking and verifying all information related to your Tory Birch product, eligible for refund, the store will accept the product.

And instead of returning, if you want to exchange Tory Birch items, you can do so, but the new product should be the same or higher priced items(Return policy for Tory Burch ).



What products does Tory Birch not accept as a refund?

People seriously like Tory Birch for their great collection. There, you can buy almost every fashionable item for your next party.

And what makes shopping easier is that if you don’t like the product after buying it, you can easily return it.

But still, to maintain Tory Birch’s quality service, there are some things that Tory Birch does not accept in return. They are,

  • Tory Burch worn, used, or changed items.
  • Swimwear, pants, and earrings for hygienic purposes.
  • Final sale items.

etc. In addition, Tory Burch accepts most of its products for some reason, if it is eligible and in proper condition at the time of return.

In addition, you cannot return Tory Birch items to the store you purchased online and return tory birch purchases in the store via online mail returns(Return policy for Tory Burch ).


Is Tory Birch a free return?

Yes, in Tory Birch, users can get a free refund for tory birch items.

At Tory Birch, customers buy beautiful handbags, shoes, accessories, etc.

When buying them, customers become optimistic about using them and their next parties or giving gifts to someone.

Then, when they have to return the item for some reason and also pay the return fee, it doesn’t seem right.

Therefore, keeping in mind the needs of its customers, Tory Burch provides free return delivery for Tory Burch items(Return policy for Tory Burch ).


How long will it take to get a refund from Tory Birch?

After returning the Tory Birch item to the company, customers become worried about the refund.

So when the Tory Birch product reaches the Tory Birch Company, they will send you a confirmation mail to notify you of the arrival of the Tory Birch return product.

They will then carefully evaluate the merchandise and check all the documents after that.

If your Tory Birch item is eligible for a refund, you will receive your refund within 14 days(Return policy for Tory Burch ).

Therefore, you should wait for a 1 to 2 billing process to be credited to your account’s actual payment method.

If there’s a withdrawal issue, you’ll receive a Tory Birch refund via a gift card. Tory birch items purchased with gift cards will then be returned via eGift.

So, you have no reason to worry about refunds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions.

Can I return tory birch items without a receipt?

To return handbags purchased at the Tory Birch store, you’ll need to bring the original receipt and other documents related to the item for a successful return.


Can I return the Tory Birch purchased online in the store?

Unfortunately, you can’t return the Tory Birch item to any Tory Birch store if it’s purchased online.

You must return it by mail. In addition, if you buy it offline, you’ll need to return the Tory Birch product to the same store from where you bought it.


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