Quince Return Policy

If you want to(Quince Return Policy ) return a quince item to the company, you must do so within the first 365 days of its purchase.

It may seem like false information, but Quince allows its customers to return a purchased item within a year.

And regardless of the return time, we know that people are very interested in fashion, and always try to buy the best possible quality at an affordable price.

Therefore, Quince is the perfect destination. At Quine, customers can purchase a large variety of luxury items.

There, besides clothes, jewelry, etc., fashionable items, you can also buy luxury household goods.

Since Quince is the manufacturer of most of these elements and maintains its M2C business, its products are also very affordable.

But even after all that at Quince, a few customers had to return items purchased for their reasons.

And for this, knowing the quince return policy is important before randomly trying things.

What is the quince return policy?

Fashion is always fashionable and always in demand, and more than all luxury has a great impact on our lifestyle.

From Quince, luxury fashion items and household goods that you can buy are a great combination of reasonable and exquisite quality, and for this reason, Quince items are in great demand(Quince Return Policy ).

But still, if any customer wants to return the purchased item to Quince, the rules for returning the items are,

  • The customer must return his item within 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • At the time of return, the product must contain the tags provided in the product.
  • The original packaging must be intact.
  • Bedding should be unworn, unwashed, unchanged, and not damaged; even the same rules for fashion items.
  • Bedding can be washed or used but must be returned within 365 days.
  • For health concerns, Quince requires customers to wear underwear when trying to purchase their underwear for the first time.
  • Keep your proof of order with you at all times since it is very crucial.

etc these are the main rules of the quince return policy, so follow these rules if you want to return your item.


How do you return a product to Quince?

Quince is a great place to make yourself well-featured for any occasion, giving your home a beautiful charm.

But no matter how much customers prefer Quince clothes and bedding items, still, for some reason, they have to return them. So, to return your quince items,

  • First, log in to your Quince account, and if you don’t have a Quince account, you can use the email address you used in Quince.
  • Next, go to my orders page,
  • Then, you will notice an option called My Orders and Returns.
  • Next, go to Return or Replace items; you can select the item you want to return or exchange.
  • You will receive mail to your email address with a quince return shipping label after completing the website’s return process.
  • Next, pack your quince item well and carefully to ensure that the item will not be damaged at the time of return.
  • Then paste the quince return label on top or side of the box.
  • Next, drop it off at the said carrier service desk in Quince.

In this way, the return process takes place, and if you somehow lose your Quince label, in this case, you can restore it from the return and exchange page of the Quince site(Quince Return Policy ).


Quince’s return policy for damaged items?

When Quince delivers an item to the customer, always make sure the item is in perfect condition.

And while they make the luxury items available at Quince, they always ensure that they are perfectly made.

However, this status still allows customers to return any faulty goods they receive from Quince within the first 365 days of purchase.

For assistance, the customer may also get in touch with Quince customer care(Quince Return Policy ).


What products does Quince not accept as a return?


Well, in every brand or company, there are a few items that a company does not accept in return.

The majority of things, including used bedding, are accepted for return at Quince. Even so,

  • Quince offers customization services for several limited edition and non-returnable items.
  • Also, jewelry with special zodiac signs or magic.
  • After that, items purchased from the final sale offers are non-refundable.
  • Apart from that, Quince does accept returns on ordered items like mirrors, but there is a $35 restocking fee associated with doing so.

Etc. These are the main items that Quince does not accept for return.


Does Quince have a free return?

You can obtain a free Quince return label from the website, so the products you try to return at Quince are all free.

Each of us enjoys buying and using fashion and household goods from Quince.

Then, when we have to return it, no one likes to feel it.

However, you still have to return it because you can’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you, which is why Quince offers clients a free return option.

The Quince return label can be readily downloaded and printed from the website. And use them to return their goods(Quince Return Policy ).

How long will it take to recover money from Quince?

Well, at Quince, you can return your item within 365 days of purchase, and return any clothing or household goods for a long time.

But still, if you wish, you can return the quince item a week after receiving it; after the return process is completed, the item will undergo a quality inspection process, and then, within 5 to 8 business days, you will receive your refund in your original payment form.

But some customers return items directly 365 days in advance, in which case, if your bank does not accept a refund for 365 days after the transaction, then in this case you will receive a credit from the store instead of a cashback.

But if you try to return your Quince item 180 days in advance and use PayPal to order your Quince item, PayPal will accept a refund 180 days in advance.

But then, store credit is the only option for a refund.


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