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Parsons Xtreme(PXG Return Policy) Golf, short PXG, is an incredible company that manufactures and distributes items worldwide.

The company designs, builds, markets, and sells items on its own; for this reason, the best quality products are affordable or lower than any other branded goods.

PXG was first founded in 2014, and although its company has been on the market for less than ten years, it is still able to build a significant niche in the sports industry.

In PXG, people mostly buy golf-related items, but other sports equipment is also available.

Since many varieties are available, customers enjoy shopping for sports-related items from PXG stores and websites.

But sometimes, people change their minds after buying something from PXG and want to return their stuff.

So, this article about PXG’s return policy is here to help.

What is the PXG return policy?

Well, PXG is a great company for sports equipment and other accessories.

But for those who love golf, PXG is like paradise.

But no matter how many customers prefer PXG for themselves, there are still cases when they prefer to return the item, and to do this, there are some rules that customers should know,

So, to return the PXG item, return to the company,

  • Customers must send their products within 14 days.
  • Before sending the item, customers have 30 days to submit the PXG return form on the website.
  • Then, when the company receives the return request, the customer already has 7-14 business days to return the item to the company.
  • At the time of return, the PXG item must be new, unused, and in the same condition in which it was delivered.
  • Item tags must be intact. Also, all parts, accessories, warranty information cards, manuals, and other printed materials must be in their original packaging.
  • The original box of the desired item must also be in good condition.
  • At the time of return, if the PXG item is purchased from the store, it must be returned to the store, and if the item is purchased online, it must be returned to the company by mail. Returns should be sent directly to the respective channels.


etc, these are the main rules for returning any PXG item to the company.


How to return the product to PXG?


PXG is a well-known company where thousands of customers buy sports equipment.

At PXG, the types of sports equipment and accessories are endless.

But after buying something, customers try to return their items; at that moment, it is important to know how you can return PXG items,


So, to return the PXG item via mail,

  • On the PXG website, first log in to your account.
  • After that, some new options will appear in the “My Account” option. Between them, click on the “Orders” option.
  • From the list of PXG orders, find the order you want to return, then click “Order Information”.
  • On the new page, you will find the option “Request a replacement or refund” in it,
  • Then, the next page provides all the required information about your PXG items, the reasons behind returning them, refunding or replacing them, etc.
  • After completing the PXG return process, the company will know your order.
  • Next, use your favorite courier service to return the PXG item to the company.
  • Download and print the PXG return label from the courier website.
  • Then fill in the PXG return item well, and include a copy of the order number and return request within the return package.
  • Then paste the return label on top or side of the PXG return parcel.
  • Then send it to the address,

E-Commerce Department

MST Golf Sdn Bhd 198901011987 (189294-P)

MST Golf Plaza

No. 8 Jalan SS13/5

47500 Subang Jaya Selangor

Phone: +603 5566 8666

Fax: +603 5566 8667


If you are using PXG as a guest, then to return the item, use the order number and email address to access the PXG order history.

Try using the same device, such as a phone or laptop, through which you ordered your PXG item; this way, the site will validate your IP address and take you directly to the requests page.

But if you are using a different device, the system will send an email with instructions so that you can complete the return process. After that, the process is the same as described above.

But before returning an item in PXG, you should tell the company about the return of your item.

Also, some items from PXG are non-returnable, so while returning items, you cannot return that item to PXG if the return option does not appear.

But still, if you have any doubts, you can contact PXG customer service(PXG Return Policy).


PXG return policy for damaged items?


Customers buy high-quality sports equipment from PXG, and PXG also ensures that they get the perfect service they deserve.

Therefore, during the delivery of the item, PXG packs the sports equipment completely.

But still, at the time of delivery, the products can be damaged.

So when customers get damaged, you don’t have to worry because PXG has policies for that too.

So when the Client receives a defective or misdescribed item from PXG, the Client can return that item to the Company.

After arriving at PXG Wearhouse, customers look at the product thoroughly and check the reason for the return.

When damage is the cause of the return, PXG will replace the defective product and refund the return shipping fee.

If the item cannot be exchanged, the customer will receive a refund for the purchased item, including shipping charges(PXG Return Policy).


What products does PXG not accept as yield?

PXG accepts most items to return on the website. But it’s also important to keep the quality of the items intact.

That’s why, like other companies in PXG, there are some things they don’t accept in return.

Therefore, PXG will not accept the returned item if it is,

  • customer use or damage,
  • If the product seal is broken to protect health or hygiene.
  • When it is a customized and customized order for customers.
  • Items marked as clearance items or promotional/annual sale items.
  • Any DVDs purchased from PXD.


These are the main items that you cannot return to the PXG company; if necessary, you can contact PXG customer service through call or mail.


Does PXG have free returns?


Unfortunately, at PXG, the cost of reshipping is not free.

When customers buy any sports equipment from PXG, they are very excited about the arrival of this item.

But the yield is the only way if the quality or volume of the product does not satisfy them.

But PXG is not associated with any company or courier service.

That is why when a customer wants to return something to the company, he has to arrange the delivery of the returns themselves and pay all the required fees to the courier service company used by the customer.

So you can choose any courier company and standard or express shipping services.

However, you must pay all shipping and handling fees, as PXG does not offer any free return labels for items delivered.


Can I exchange my PXG item instead of returning it?

Well, after buying something from PXG, you like the product very much, but its size, color, or due to any minor order issues, you cannot get it.

In this case, most customers prefer to replace the item rather than return it.

Well, if you purchased the item online, in this case, you cannot get any replacement facilities for items purchased by PXG.

To replace the item, you have to return the PXG product to the company, and after receiving the refund, you can order the item you want from the PXG website.

But, PXG also has a right-of-exchange policy, where customers can exchange a PXG item in-store within 28 days of purchase.

So, if you want to replace your PXG item, you can do so if the company or store allows it(PXG Return Policy).


How long will it take to recover money from PXG?

After returning the desired item to the PXG, customers patiently wait for a refund, but at some point, they are annoyed by the waiting.

Therefore, after the product is delivered to the company, it takes a few days to reach the warehouse; after that, the PXG staff thoroughly inspects the product to see if it has been damaged, after which every part of the item remains intact.

This whole process takes about 7 to 14 business days.

After the product has passed all inspections, customers received refunds with their original payment method(PXG Return Policy).

Then at the time of recovery, there are some cases when the cost of recovery will decrease,

  • For PXG orders, if you choose an expensive shipping option, you will receive the lowest cost delivery method payment for return.
  • Then if the returned item is damaged or used slightly and will not be allowed in the store, in this case, the refund amount will be reduced.

In addition, if customers receive a late PXG item, if there is any error in pricing or description,

In such cases, the customer can request a refund for the shipping cost. So if you want to contact PXG, call 0800 066 9449 or email us at uk.info@pxg.com.


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