Oofos Return Policy

If you want to(Oofos Return Policy ) return your Oofos item to the company, you have 39 days to return it.

At the time of return, the Oofos return item must be unworn, unwashed, and clean.

Clothing must have all suspension marks intact.

Also, the Oofos return product must be in the original condition you received.

Now, customers know exactly about Oofos; it’s a company where customers can buy casual sneakers for themselves.

Their clothes are also a big part of their collection.

At Oofos, its products are affordable and of high quality; customers love to buy Oofos shoes from the store and website.

But especially in online orders, customers sometimes encounter the wrong size or design, and they have to return Oofo items.

But before returning Oofos shoes to the company, it is important to know the return policy.

Oofos return policy for damaged items?


Oofos handles shoes, and there’s hardly any situation where customers complain about damaged Oofos items.

Shoes are easy to ship when receiving damaged Oofo items is rare.

But still, if you get one, you can contact Oofos Customer Service at (888) 820-7797 or the Oofos store.

They tell customer service about your problem, and after checking the product.

If an Oofos customer can verify that the reason for returning the product is indeed damaged, Oofos will return the product amount to the customer or provide an exchange.

Customers should do this as soon as possible so that Oofos can take a step to provide you with the best service.

But if the damage is caused by the customer, in this case, there will be no refund or replacement for the Oofo item you purchased(Oofos Return Policy ).


How to return the product to Oofos?


Well, we all love to buy stylish and affordable shoes, and for this reason, customers prefer Oofos shoes a lot.

Also, to make the experience more customer-friendly, Oofos has several services on its website.

Among these services, the Oofos return service is one of them.

So, if there is a need, and you want to return the Oofos item you purchased, you should know how Oofos returns work.


If you want to return an Oofos product by mail,

  • First, log in to your Oofos account,
  • From there, find the return page or visit oofos.com/return directly to start the return process.
  • Enter the email ID used on the Oofos website and the 8-digit Oofos order number there.
  • Then start the return process by providing the correct shipping address, and don’t forget to use the physical address.
  • From there, on the website, select the Oofos shoe pair, and choose whether you prefer to return or exchange the product.
  • After that, click on the green button to continue moving on to the next page.
  • Then complete the entire return process, and after completion, click on the green “Finish” button on the Oofos return webpage.
  • After that, the system will automatically generate the Oofo return label and RMA form and send them to your email.
  • While filling out the Oofos return item, place the RMA form inside the box. Stick to the UPS return label provided by Oofos.
  • Then drop the Oofos pack into the UPS store or Dropbox.


Now, if you want to return the Oofos item you bought in the store,

  • First, visit the Oofos store or online retailer where your Oofos shoes are purchased.
  • Then go to Oofos customer service, and ask the employee if you are interested in returning the item.
  • Next, provide proof of purchase to Oofos employees.
  • Then, the staff will fully verify the product, and if the returned product from Oofos is in good condition, Oofos will accept the product for return or exchange.



What products does Oofos not accept as yield?


Who doesn’t love shoes from Oofos? Their designs and prices attract customers.

No matter how many people love Oofos after buying it, few prefer to return their stuff to the company.

This is mainly due to size or fit.

But even though Oofos accepts most items to return in stores or websites, there are still some cases where you can’t return the item.

Therefore, the items you can’t return in Oofos are,

  • Personal or custom items.
  • Oofos products worn or damaged may affect customers.
  • Oofo items purchased from third-party websites.

These are the main items that you cannot keep in Oofos, but still, if you have any doubts, you can call the Oofos customer service number.


Can you exchange an Oofos item instead of returning it?

Yes, you can redeem your Oofos directly in the store or website.

Now when you like it so much, you won’t prefer to return it; prefer to replace it.

Therefore, in this case, you have to go through the same return process, or you can reach out to info@oofos.com, where the customer service agent will help you adjust the exchange.

Then while exchanging items, you must select which item from their catalog you want to replace the Oofos product you purchased.

If you want to receive the exchange faster, you can return the Oofos product to the company instead of changing the item directly.

After verifying the quality of the product and processing your item as a return, you can wait for your refund or re-order the new item at a time that suits you(Oofos Return Policy ).


Does Oofos have a free return?

Yap At Oofos, customers can get a free return label to return their products.

No matter how much you hate the feeling of returning the unique shoes you bought when the shoes are not a perfect fit, they are hard to wear.

So it’s normal to swap shoes or return items.

That’s why, by understanding customer sentiment, Oofos provides a free return and exchange for purchased Oofos shoes.

But most importantly, the customer must return it if they wish within the first 30 days of purchase(Oofos Return Policy ).


How long will it take to get a refund from Oofos?

It will take about ten business days to get a refund for the Oofo item.

When customers returned purchased items to Oofos Wearhouse, they began to worry about the timing of the refund.

Well, to get to the warehouse and process it in the warehouse, it can take about 8 to 15 business days.

Then, when the process is finished, and the returned item is checked correctly, you will receive a mail with a successful return.

After that, it takes about 3 to 5 business days to process the refund to your bank account or the original payment method.

Also, while returning the Oofos item to the company, don’t forget to put the RMA form inside the return box, and if you forget to place the RMA form, Oofos will take the product to return it, the process will be delayed, and you will get your money back as well(Oofos Return Policy ).

At the time of purchasing an Oofos item, if you choose one- or two-day shipping, at the time of return, the shipping fee is non-refundable.


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