Meshki Return Policy (Process, Conditions, Fee)

Meshki is an online shopping company where people love to shop for occasions or special occasions. The products are fashionable and affordable at the same time, which is why not only do people from Australia buy the items they use but also people from the USA, UK, etc., love to shop from Meshki. Meshki Return Policy (Process, Conditions, Fee).

But when there are a lot of people shopping in Mishki, that is why there will also be return requests. Therefore, when customers try to return Mishki items, they get confused or have no proper information about them. And that’s why you’re helping with that, this article about the problematic return policy is here.

What is the return policy of the Complaint?

Day by day, Mishki is gaining great popularity among its customers. You can buy high-end and interesting fashion from this online shopping platform. But if you want to return your Mishki clothes, there is a return policy that you should know,

According to the policy of returning Mishki,

If you want to return the product, it must be within the first 30 days of purchase.

The tag must be intact at the time of returning a problematic item.

If the purchased item has any stain marks or has been used, the item cannot be returned.

The product should not have any arrangement of perfume, powder, stains, etc.

Then if you are going to return a body dress or swimsuit in this case, the hygiene label should remain intact.

When returning the product, you must have proof of purchase, etc.

There are main rules for the return policy in Mishki. Without meeting these criteria, you cannot return your problematic item.

What is the process of a complaining return policy?

You usually go through a process when you want to return your Mishki clothes or accessories.

When you want to return a problematic item to start the process, you must return it through the return portal from the problematic website. Meshki Return Policy (Process, Conditions, Fee).

Then when the return is accepted, you must send the product by courier by paying a return fee of $8.95. And if the damage is due to the store, they will pay the cost of the return.

The products are then checked to see if they are in good condition, and when the operation is approved, you will get your money back as store credit.

And you must remember that all returns must be made within 30 days.

You can also re-dress Mishki from the world. Therefore, having purchased the item in Australia, you can wear it in the USA. But to return these items, you must follow the instructions above using Meshki’s return gateway.

What are the conditions for the return of the complainant?

If you want to return your Meshki product, there are a few things you should consider,

At the time of return, you must do this from Meshki’s return gate, apart from that, they do not accept returns.

Returns must be made within the first 30 days of purchase.

The mark must remain intact.

The product must be clean and unused without smell, marks, etc.

The company will not accept the product if the hygiene label is gone.

What products does Mishki not accept as a returnee?

Meshki mostly accepts returns of all their items, but some exceptions cannot be accepted for returns.

If you are trying to return your suit or swimsuit, it is impossible if you do not have a hygiene label on the product anymore.

Then too, due to hygiene problems, Meshki does not accept the return of earrings.


Aside from that, returning the item is also a concern if the customer damages the product. Meshki Return Policy (Process, Conditions, Fee).

Does Mishki have free returns?

No matter how much you enjoy returning the product for free, but unfortunately, in Mishki, you don’t have the free return feature.

You must pay an $8.95 return fee while returning the item at Meshki Wearhouse. Also, the sea can be higher for international revenues than domestic ones.

But Meshki only pays the return fee in the courier service when the company, not the customer, causes defects in the product. Meshki Return Policy (Process, Conditions, Fee).

What is the return policy for defective products and damaged items?

Defective or damaged products are not something that happens in everything that is complaining. But still, if there is a defective product for the customer, the company sends a complaint to the identifier. When the product is returned, Mishki will pay the delivery fee.

And if the customer causes damage, the complainant will not accept damaged items.

How long will it take to get my money back for my complaint?

When for some reason we are unable to obtain a Meshki product and want to return it, you expect a refund as soon as possible.

But when you send the item, it takes approximately 3-5 days to get to the warehouse, after which, if everything is in order, you will get your money back as a store credit in a matter of weeks.


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