Mattress Firm Return Policy

If you want to(Mattress Firm Return Policy) return the mattress firm’s items, especially mattresses, you should do it within 30 to 120 days.

In this American mattress store chain, customers can buy a variety of mattresses based on their needs and customize them as needed.

In addition, there are other items available, but the mattress firm is mostly known for collecting mattresses.

The company has been Stanhoff International’s subsidy brand since 2016 and was first established in 1986.

Therefore, the mattress firm company has been in the market for almost 40 years, and now they have more than 2300 stores and excellent websites all over America.

And because of the variety of mattresses available at the store, customers keep coming to the mattress firm to buy mattresses suitable for their needs.

But still, if it’s not satisfactory or comfortable enough for the customer, returning or exchanging a mattress firm item to the company is the option they can use.

What is the return policy of the mattress firm for items?

The mattress firm(Mattress Firm Return Policy) is packed with interesting household and bedding items.

That’s why people all over the United States prefer a mattress firm.

But if customers are not satisfied with the mattress firm item, they can return it to the company.

But there are some basic principles that the customer should know about the return of the mattress firm.


Therefore, to return your mattress firm’s products,

  • If you’re returning mattresses to the company, to relax or adjust the mattress with your body, Toshik Firm provides a 120-night sleep test.
  • After the first 30 nights, if you’re still uncomfortable with the mattress firm’s item, you can consult the mattress firm’s customer service for a return.
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial Mattress service is not available on pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable bases, furniture, etc. The return system is different for these items.
  • To exchange or return the mattress to the mattress firm company, the user must pay 10% and 20% restocking fees.



How to return the product to a mattress firm?

Hundreds of customers (Mattress Firm Return Policy)buy bedding equipment, furniture, and especially mattresses from a mattress firm.

But after purchasing and using the mattress for a 120-night trial, if the customer still does not feel comfortable using the mattress from the mattress firm, they can return it.

So to return the items, you must first contact the mattress firm.

Show their customer service number (877) 316-1269, website, or you can visit the store in person.

After consulting with the mattress firm Customer Service, they will guide you in returning the mattress firm product company.

If a store return is available for your order, you can return the item at the Mattress Firm Store.

If the stolen return is not available in this case, you can send it back to the company, but it requires proper guidance from the employees of the mattress firm.


Does the mattress firm return the policy for bad items?

The mattress firm deals(Mattress Firm Return Policy) mostly with bedding equipment, so the chances of recovering damaged items from the company are slim.

Well, you know it’s hard to get a bad pillow.

But still, if you have purchased any furniture or accessories from a mattress firm that be defective, you should contact the mattress firm’s customer service number (877) 316-1269 or send them a customer service application form.

Then, for a refund, you have the right to ask for a replacement for the product or a full refund.


What products does the Matrice firm not accept as a refund?

Mattress firm is a well-known mattress company whose customers can buy a variety of bedding equipment.

But the company is mostly known for its comfortable range of mattresses.

And this company needs to provide customer satisfaction.

But still, there are some things the mattress firm can’t accept in exchange for their well-being.

So if a customer wants to return his mattress from a mattress firm after 120 nights of sleep tria, the mattress should be in good condition.

If there is any stain, damage, or unhealthy evidence on the mattress, the product mattress is unacceptable for return or exchange to the firm.

Therefore, such a situation should be ignored, and it is highly recommended that customers use a waterproof mattress protector to keep the mattress clean and new during the 120-night sleep trial.

In addition, at the time of return, all the original tags should be attached to the mattress.

If the tags are removed from the mattress or foundation, a return or 120-night sleep trial is not available.

Again, items that are special order-sized, such as California King, Split Cal King, Trifold, etc.,  are not eligible for exchange or withdrawal.

In addition, if a mattress is purchased by the mattress firm from a third-party website or store, that item is not eligible for the mattress firm’s return facilities.


Can we exchange a mattress firm product instead of a return?

Customers use mattresses(Mattress Firm Return Policy) to experience a restful sleep, so the company provides 120 nights of testing to sit in mattresses.

The point now is that the Matrice firm only provides a one-time exchange or refund.

So after 120 days, if customers are not satisfied with the mattress they have used for four months, they can turn it into a new item.

To exchange as a return delivery fee, the customer must pay $99.99, and then later, they will receive the amount as credit for the purchase price of a different or new mattress.

But to replace the mattress with a new one, when exchanging it, the customer will have to spend a 10% restocking fee based on the amount of purchase price of the original mattress.

Also, the restocking fee cannot exceed $250.

If this is more than $250, you should contact customer service for guidance.

Also, after getting the new mattress from the mattress firm, if the customer is still not satisfied with the new item, he has no option but to return the item to the company.


Is There a Free Return of Matrice Firm?

Unfortunately, the mattress firm does not have a free return policy for its items.

The mattress firm provides free shipping at the time of delivery, but even for returns, the shipping cost is too high for the company.

It is true that after purchasing the mattress and completing the 120-day trial, returning the mattress to the company is a bit unsatisfactory for the customers of the mattress firm.

Because of this, most customers expect a free return service from the company.

But mattresses are a huge thing, and even for returns, it’s difficult for the company to handle and send them.

So in return, customers will have to pay the company $99.99 as a return fee.

This withdrawal fee will be deducted from the amount of return of the item returned from your mattress firm(Mattress Firm Return Policy).


How long will it take to get a refund from a mattress firm?

After returning the matrice firm’s item to the company, customers start getting anxious for a refund.

But to return the mattress or anything else from the mattress firm, it takes time to reach the company’s return department.

When the product reaches the company’s return department, the product is thoroughly checked to confirm any errors.

When the returned item goes through the checking, a refund is generated, and it takes about 7 to 14 business days to complete the entire process and get the refund.

When you return the stock to the company, $99.99 is deducted from the refund as a shipping cost.

After that, customers will have to pay a restocking fee of 20% of the mattress originally purchased, but the restocking fee cannot exceed $500.

Not only this, if any more taxes are required at the time of refund, they will be deducted from the return of the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions.

How to return the mattress after 120 nights at the mattress firm?

After using the mattress from the mattress firm company, if the customer is not satisfied, they can keep the product back to the company by contacting the mattress firm’s customer service number (877) 316-1269.


What is the mattress firm’s policy for bed frames?

Well, when buying mattresses, bed frames are not included, so you have to buy them separately.

If you have an existing frame, you should make sure that the current frame provides adequate support to the mattress set to protect your warranty coverage.

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