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King Soopers Money Order (Cost, Requirements, Payment)

Remittance services are increasing daily in the world, creating competition between companies and banks. King Soopers Money Order (Cost, Requirements, Payment)

But among the competitors, King Soopers Remittances is a financial service that is part of Western Union, making it very trustworthy and one of the cheapest remittance services available in the United States. King Soopers Money Order (Cost, Requirements, Payment)

Still, there are many things about King Soopers mail order that you may not know, and to help you understand how King Scooper mail order works, this article is here.

How much does it cost to request money from King Soopers?

People start enjoying services and facilities using a money orders. The process of paying through money order is easy and affordable.

And we also know that, like many other companies, King Soopers also sells money orders to interested people.

So, if you don’t know, King Soopers is part of the Kroger family, and like any other Kroger family store, Western Union offers Money service.

So, buying a money order from Western Union with a card costs about $ 1, and $ 1.10 for a $ 1000 money order from King Soopers.

But money order fees vary in different places in the United States, so you should order them at the money service desk at King Soopers before purchasing them. King Soopers Money Order (Cost, Requirements, Payment)

Compaired King Scoppers Money Order with other companies?

Apart from King Soopers, many banks and businesses have money order services. And while King Soopers is a very favorite company for financial orders but still to your advantage, here are some comparisons between banks and companies that provide remittance services.

At Walmart, the limit on the amount of a money order is quite wide. That’s why based on the amount out there, the Walmart remittance fee is $0.70 to USD 1.

MoneyGram is also one of the cheapest money transfer services, with MoneyGram charging $0.70 for a $1000 money order, but the amount varies from site to site.

Many people prefer to buy money transfers from USPS, as they are fast and good for abroad.

Here you buy some money orders from $1 to $500, then the money order fee is $1.75, from $501 to $1000, the fee is about $2.40, and if it is a military money order, it will be $0.60.

At ACE Cash Express, whenever you try to buy a money order there, depending on the amount, the fee remains between $0.99 and $3.99.

At Chase Bank, the money order fee depends on your checking account, so for an excellent current account, the money order fee is $0, but for non-customers and regular Chase Bank account holders, the fee is $5.

King Scooppers is part of the Kroger family, so Western Union offers money services like other companies owned by Kroger.

What are the requirements for a money order from King Soopers?

Before King Scooppers allows you to buy a money order from its store, these are some of the things you should show the money service clerk, and if the staff is convinced, only then can you buy a King Soopers money order and those things we are,

Social Security Code or Taxpayer Identification Number

Valid ID card

Between IDs

Driver’s license

U.S. passport

Military ID

State-issued ID card

Iqama Number

Matricola Consular ID

Tribal Nation or Booking ID

You must own these things, but that doesn’t mean buying a money order; you have to show all these proofs of identity.

You may have to show only one or two of them to access to buy some money orders. In this way, King Scoopers avoid any scams.

How do you fill out a money application from King Soopers?

If you have already executed money orders from other companies, filling King Soopers orders will not be a problem. You can easily fill out a Western Union money transfer by following simple steps.

First, in the middle of the money transfer, you will notice a space mentioned as “Pay to order from” in this part, you have to write the name of the recipient and make sure that there are no spelling mistakes. King Soopers Money Order (Cost, Requirements, Payment)

Then just below that, you’ll see “Buyer’s Address” in that line; mention your current residential address, and don’t forget to mention your state and zip code.

Then in the “Payment For / Acct.” area, you can type in the reason for payment or your account number to help the recipient understand your information easily.

After that, you should put your signature in the “Purchase Signature” option at the top of the money transfer.

Finally, when everything is done, keep the attached receipt for yourself and send the money transfer to the recipient.

What are the King Soopers mail transfer payment options?

King Soopers is a very reliable place, offering remittances from Western Union. This finance company is known for its flexible services.

So if you are willing to buy a money order from King Soopers, you can easily buy it using cash, debit, or credit card. Selecting the approach that best suits your needs is simple.

But for a credit card, there is a possibility that an additional fee will be required to purchase a King Soopers mail order.

Also, if you purchase a money order from King Soopers using cash, you must make sure that the amount of the money order and fees are available in cash, as you cannot pay half the amount in cash and the other half through a card.

What should I do if my King Soopers Money Order is lost or stolen?

No matter how much we hate it, people still have money orders. And even after protecting it, if your King Soopers mail transfer is lost or stolen, you should call Western union customer service at 1800-102-7111. You must then submit a police report.

But you don’t have to get nervous because after filing a complaint or filling out a report, the person who stole your money order won’t be able to cash out a money order any more.

And then, although it will take some time, spending some extra processing fees out of pocket, you can get your money transfer back within 30 days.

How do I track a money order from King Scoopers?

When you send a money order to pay off a loan or invoice and to make sure it reaches the recipient, there is a way you can track the money order.

And since King Soopers remittances come from Western Union, the process is much simpler than other companies and banks.

So as a first step, if you need guidance or need to track your King Soopers mail order, you can call the Western Union customer service number 1-800-999-9660. The employee will help you understand the issues and, if possible, tell you about the status of the money transfer.

Then you can also track your money transfer from King Soopers through the Western Union website. So, first, open the website there, search or click “Track Transfer” after that, you must enter the MTCN number, and you will soon find the location or status of your Kind Soopers money transfer.

And even then, if you are experiencing any confusion or issues with your King Soopers mail transfer, you can call Western Union Customer Service No. 1-800-999-9660 or visit King Soopers’ Money Service Desk.


In the end, you can understand that using King Soopers mail transfer is very easy, and choosing this money transfer service over others is great.

But when you have a money order, you are responsible for protecting it by keeping it in a safe place so that a very bad incident occurs.


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