Kendra Scott Return Policy

If you’re willing to(Kendra Scott Return Policy ) return your Candra Scott item to the company, you should do it within the first 30 days of purchase.

Wearing metal or nickel jewelry is not satisfactory due to sweat, makeup,  or even daily use.

The color of the jewelry fades. But in Kendra Scott, you can find and buy 14-carat gold jewelry there.

In addition, silver and diamond jewelry are also available which are pocket-friendly and comfortable for sustainable use.

But still, no matter how much customers like to buy items from Kendra Scott, there are situations when they have to return those products to the company.

Therefore, for such situations, it is very important to know about Kendra Scott’s return policies. That’s why this article is here as your guide.

What is Center Scott’s return policy?

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is quite popular because of the range of her items.

For regular use, and although they are made of gold, silver, or diamond, they are quite affordable due to the carat option.

But still, if a customer is interested in returning Kendra Scott, I came back to her company. Then there are some rules that users should know,


  1. To return, the customer must return to the Kendra Scott Distribution Center within the first 30 days of purchase.
  2. Jewelry must be worn and unused and all tags attached to it at the time of return.
  3. To return to the store, it is very important to have the original receipt of the Kandra Scott item, and for online return, you can see the receipt on the order date.
  4. Then if you bought from Kendra Scott during a “buy with a gift” or a “buy one, get one free” promotion, it can be returned, but you also have to return the gifted item, or the price will be. Adjusted by refund amount.
  5. You can’t return or exchange any gift items at Kendra Scott’s store or website.


etc. These are Kendra Scott’s main return policies, but if you have any other questions, you can contact The Kendra Scott Customer Service or by phone at 866-677-7023(Kendra Scott Return Policy ).

How to return the product to Kendra Scott?


By the way, people like to wear light and beautiful jewelry for daily use, and the Kendra Scott Jewelry Company is the best place for this.

But even after buying it, some people are not satisfied with the product, or not in line with their style. In this case, the return or exchange is their option.

But those who are interested in returning the thing,


To return the Kendra Scott item online,

  • First, go to The Kandra Scott website and log in to your account, or go directly to The Candra Scott’s return page,
  • Then, on the return page, enter all the required personal information, your name, address, phone number, email, etc.

After that, click the “Email Return Label” button, and then within a few minutes, you’ll receive your prepaid UPS return shipping label.

  • Securely pack your Kendra Scott jewelry.
  • Then, print the label you receive on The Candra Scott website, and paste it on top of the return package.
  • In addition, add a copy of your invoice or return form from The Kendra Scott Customer Service.

After that, leave the Kandra Scott return package at its nearest UPS location.


And if you want to return your Kendra Scott jewelry store, then,

  • Go to the Kendra Scott store from where you bought the jewelry.
  • Then, go to the customer service counter, and let The Candy Scott employee know you’re ready to return the jewelry to the store.
  • Then, show your original payment receipt.
  • After a thorough examination of the jewelry, if it is eligible for return, the Kandra Scott Jewelry Store will accept it for return.

In addition, if you have ordered “Buy Online, Pick Up At Store” of your Kendra Scott jewelry, then to return the item, you also need to print the prepaid return label from


Candra Scott’s return policy for bad items?

Kendra Scott Fashion and Jewellery always ensure that consumers get their ordered items in the best condition.

And since jewelry is a small thing, it’s easy for Kendra Scott to deliver them. But in addition to jewelry, other items are also available in Kendra Scott.

So after getting their ordered item, if a customer experiences damage to jewelry or anything else from the center, they can return or replace it within the first 30 days of purchase.

For this, they must first contact Kendra Scott Customer Service at or 866-677-7023.

In this case, if the 30-day return period has already expired, you can try repairing It by sending Kandra Scott’s jewelry back to the company or visiting the Kendra Scott store.

For repairs, if you’re in another country, contact The Kendra Scott Customer Service(Kendra Scott Return Policy ).


Which products doesn’t Kendra Scott accept as a refund?

Kendra Scott is a preferred and highly loved jewelry company.

That’s why hundreds of customers buy jewelry from Kendra Scott.

However, they have some restrictions on returning Kendra Scott products because they deal with gold, silver, or diamond jewelry the majority of the time.

So if the customer is planning to return engraved pieces, birthday discount purchases, gift cards, masks, custom pieces made on the color bar, Kandra Scott branded merchandise, permanent discounted or final sale goods, then these products are not eligible by Kendra Scott to return.

Is There A Free Return For Kendra Scott?

Yes, Kendra Scott offers free return delivery to her company.

At Kendra Scott, customers can buy many ideas for jewelry and other interesting items.

But when it comes to jewelry, if customers aren’t satisfied after buying it, to provide the best service, Kendra Scott offers free shipping services for returned products.

But before you can get free shipping, your Kendra Scott item must be eligible.

As prepaid, pre-addressed return shipping labels will be provided to those who have qualifying orders purchased on The Candra Scott website.

And even if the customer has lost their prepaid return level, they can download the label again from the Kendra Scott return page(Kendra Scott Return Policy ).


How long will it take to get a refund from Kandra Scott?


After submitting the Canda Scott Return Package to the UPS Dropbox, it takes about 15 business days to return to the Kendra Scott Distribution Center and deliver for exchange.

After that, the product is thoroughly checked, and all the paperwork and tags are verified.

Then, if your Candra Scott’s return jewelry is eligible for a refund, you will receive your refund within five business days, depending on your financial institution.

For any doubts about returns or exchanges, contact Kendra Scott Customer Service at or 866-677-7023 Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions.

Does Kendra Scott provide a full refund?

Yes, at The Kendra Scott stores and websites, you can get a full refund.

But for that, you must return the product to the company within 30 days of receipt, unwanted, unused, with original packaging and tag-on.


Can I return Kendra Scott’s jewelry without a receipt?

No, you must have Kandra Scott receipts when returning items to the Kendra Scott Store, and for online purchases, you can re-download them from the website.


What happens if I lose the label of Kendra Scott’s return?

There’s nothing to worry about if you lose your Kendra Scott return label.

Then fill out the return form this page, and you’ll receive the prepaid UPS return label in your email ID.


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