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To help future JCPenney employees understand the work structure and salaries(JCPenney pay(Retail, Directors & Corporate)), this article on How Much Does JCPenney Pay is here to help you. JCPenney is where a lot of customers go daily to buy home renovation items for their homes and businesses and provide customers with all the necessary services; JCPenney pays. (Retail, Directors & Corporate) there are employees for everything. At JCPenney, several work jobs are available for employees from different salary structures. JCPenney pay


  • 1 How much does JCPenney pay its employees?
  • 1.1 Average salary of a retail employee
  • 1.2 Average salaries of JCPenney Manager
  • 1.3 Average salaries for JCPenney locations
  • 2 What factors affect JCPenney Pay?
  • 2.1 Position
  • 2.2 Location
  • 2.3 Experience
  • 3 What benefits and privileges does JCPenney offer?
  • 3.1 Health insurance
  • 3.2 Paid leave
  • 3.3 Employee deduction
  • 3.4 401k Plan
  • 3.5 Protection
  • 4. The bottom line
  • 5 Questions and Answers
  • 5.1 Does JCPenney offer benefits to part-time employees?
  • 5.2 What is the initial payment of a JCPenney ATM?
  • 5.3 Does JCPenney offer employee raises?

How much does JCPenney pay its employees?

When an employee works at. JCPenney, receive a variety of salaries based on their position, experience, position, etc. But to give employees an average idea, here are some of the key roles. JCPenney and their average salaries JCPenney pay? (Retail, Directors & Corporate).

The average salary of a retail employee

Under sales, colleagues work in many positions. Among them,


  • Salesperson: The salesperson takes care of customers and describes the products. Their average hourly salary is about $11.70 and in a year $46,540.


  • Cashier: They must scan all products for billing and take care of all product payments. The average hourly teller salary is $12.11, and this salary is annually over $52,000
  • Clerk/Store: They must store all products, keep shelves tidy, and manage and maintain cleanliness in product storage. For salary, they earn about $13.07 and about $39,000 per year.


  • Beauty consultants: They give customers the perfect beauty products for their skin and sell them to customers. They make about $13.60 per hour and $31.563 per year on average.


  • Jewelry Assistant: The jewelry coordinator communicates with the customer to help them understand and sell the jewelry. They earn about $11.86 per hour and $27,709 per year.

The average salary of a JCPenney Manager



In the field of management at JCPenney, many functions are available.

  • Area Manager: As the area manager, they must look at the work happening in the store, dealing with employees, financial responsibilities, etc. They earn about $66,269 per year and $28.40 per hour worked.
  • Assistant Director: Assistant managers take care of the staff schedule and then decide on positions and staff training. Their average salary is around $12.52 per hour and $26,682 per year.


  • Associate Manager: They are responsible for dealing with and communicating with employees, and if anything goes wrong, HR informs the Assistant Manager. Their average salary is around $43,000 per year and $12.27 per hour.


  • IT manager: The IT manager they have to deal with scheduling audits, store policies, etc. That’s why their salaries are around $124,941 per year.

The average salary for JCPenney company locations

There are also many corporate jobs available at Jcpenney; some examples are,


  • Marketing partners: The work of marketing partners is to understand the market and, based on it, change products, decide on advertising activities, make marketing plans, etc. Their average salary is around $20.79, and in a year, $63,000.
  • Institutional recruiter: They create a job to recruit candidates for institutional work in the store, communicate with employees, etc. The average salary for this position is $65,000


  • Office manager: They look at the payroll system, follow the office operating procedures, monitor clerical work, etc. They earn about $16.31 per hour and $43,000 per year.


  • Business support: handling customer complaints, fulfilling customer card requirements, advising on products and services, etc., and they get about 65,300 USD per year.

What factors affect JCPenney Pay?

Well, when people join a store that is distributed all over the United States, then, in different places, employees pay different salaries, which is what happens at JCPenney as well. That’s why employees at JC Penny are curious about various pay factors.


The number one reason why an employee’s salary is different at. JCPenney is the position. Since there are many positions available, such as agent, association, team leader, etc., which is why based on qualifications, positions vary as well as salaries.


Also, sites where there is a very high percentage of salary statuses such as some states or cities are not as popular as others which is why the market and income there are greater(How much does JCPenney pay? (Retail, Directors & Corporate).

For example, a . JCPenney store in Texas produces more than just a store in Tennessee. Based on the profits of the store, the salary also depends a lot.


When you go to work somewhere, experience makes things easier and enables you to learn and understand things faster.

For this reason, if any employee has previous work experience, it makes things easier for the store; thus, the salary is higher for experienced employees at JCPenney(How much does JCPenney pay? (Retail, Directors & Corporate).

What benefits and privileges does JCPenney offer?


Every full-time and part-time employee at JCPenney has a significant portion of benefits. Let’s find out what JCPenney employees get the benefits and privileges that JCPenney employees receive.

Health insurance

Full-time employees can avail of medical benefits based on the plan, and JCPenney will assist employees with treatment care, prescriptions, etc.

Also, if an employee chooses a plan in which he wants to get insurance for his family and wife, he can do so.

Dental insurance is then available for part-time and full-time employees. In this insurance, based on plans, JCPenney provides access to any dentist, coverage for key services, orthodontic coverage, and availability for employees and families.

Both full-time and part-time workers can purchase vision insurance. Through this, employees can get eye examination services, lenses, frames, contact lenses every 12 months, laser surgery, etc.

Also, JCPenney provides a Health Savings Account (HSA) for a full-time employee. So when an employee puts money into this account, he cares, and the profits are tax-free. When it’s time to withdraw money, employees can easily do it without worrying about taxes.

Paid leave

At JCPenney, paid time is known as my leave (MTO). Both full-time and part-time employees may use this leave.

The number of money transfer offices obtained by the partner depends on the position and the working hour that the partner grants to the company.

But apart from the money transfer office for holidays, vacations, sick leave, etc., employees can also take occasional leave; part-time employees can take this as a witness on the jury or voting time. Full-time staff for funeral leave, emergencies, etc.

Then employees can also take time off as unpaid leave for personal reasons. And two weeks of paid leave as a father’s leave for childbirth, adoption, etc.

Employee Discount

When employees work at. JCPenney, all employees get a good amount of discounts. For full-time or part-time employees, when purchasing with JC Penny credit, debit card, gift card, etc., then for the purchase of goods, employees receive a 25% discount, a 20% discount for services, and a 10% discount on other things.

And if a partner makes a purchase using a regular credit or debit card, then the employee’s discount is 20% for goods, 15% for services, and 5% for other things.

Also, the employee gets a discount for travel, gym membership, restaurants, vehicles, etc.

 401K Plan

Then to facilitate retirement for both part-time and full-time employees, JCPenney has a 401k plan for them. With this plan, an employee can provide 1 to 50% of their salary, and the company will pay 5% of this amount each time the employee pays it. An employee is only eligible if he works 1,000 hours in one year.

Protection feature

Full-time employees receive basic and supplemental life insurance coverage for protection benefits. Part-time workers can get life insurance coverage. All types of life insurance are also available to the employee’s family and spouse JCPenney pay? (Retail, Directors & Corporate).

Moreover, full-time and part-time employees can apply for business travel accidents, critical illness/accident insurance, legal service plan, etc. But retail insurance is only available to full-time JCPenney employees.


Ultimately, you can understand that if you need a job, JCPenney is probably the best place to find work with your qualifications and experience.

Here you will find every type of work you need and employee benefits are also great. There are many jobs with good salary structures here for full-time and part-time employees.

Also, if you are interested in a job in the company and what about the salary structure, JCPenney is the place for you.

JCPenney pay

 Frequently Asked Questions

Below we share some frequently asked questions.

Does JCPenney offer benefits for part-time employees?

If you’re surfing the internet or asking anyone, they might say that JCPenney doesn’t offer benefits to part-time employees, but it’s wrong. JCPenney has benefits for part-time employees, such as dental vision, paid leave, retirement benefits, employee deductions, etc. But to take advantage of it, employees have to apply for it(How much does JCPenney pay? (Retail, Directors & Corporate).

 What is the initial payment of the cashier at JCPenney?

At JCPenney, as an initial salary, cashiers earn around $7.26 per hour, which is quite low, but in some locations, this salary is paid.

Then the highest cashier salary at JCPenney is around $20.00 per hour. Show spreads are quite huge, but in most stores, the average payout is $12.42 per hour worked.

Does JCPenney offer employee raises?

If you’re interested in knowing if JCPenney increases employee salaries, the good news is that JCPenney increases salaries every year; they increase the salaries of new colleagues. And if you’re thinking about whether you can upgrade your benefit plans or get a new one, you should wait until annual registration.

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