Italian Return Policy (Online Returns, No Receipt)

By knowing the Italian return policy, you can easily return your unsatisfactory product to Italian. Who doesn’t love shopping? Shopping is associated with luxury branded goods and products, and then the love of shopping moves to another level. Italian Return Policy (Online Returns, No Receipt).

And the best place to buy luxury goods is Italy. For men, women, and children, you may purchase a variety of things on the Italist website, including clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.

And all these items are from luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Golden Goose, Prada, Gucci, and many more. So, as you can see, the varieties are quite wide.

But unfortunately, for personal or other reasons, customers have to return their Italian products. To do this, they must know the return policies and procedures for successfully returning items and refunds. That is why I help you with this, this article about the slash return policy is here. Italian Return Policy (Online Returns, No Receipt).

What is the Italian return policy?

Do you like designer clothing brands? Then Italian is the perfect destination for you. You can buy clothes, bags, shoes, etc. from famous and high-end brands such as Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Valentino Garavani, etc.

But, unfortunately, despite buying branded luxury clothing or other items, you still need to return these items for a reason. In this case, you should know the return policy of Italist,

  • Since the products are imported directly from Italy, the return procedure pays the shipping costs, customs duties, and courier charges.
  • You should use the Italian courier service, which is DHL.
  • The luxury item must be returned from the same nation as the address where it was delivered.
  • Don’t send all fancy items at once; you should use separate boxes for that.
  • The product must be unworn, unused, and undamaged.
  • The product must have all its original markings.
  • All items such as brand boxes, dust bags, shoe boxes, and all original packaging must be present when returning Italian items.

What is the slash return policy process?

You must follow a return procedure if you purchase something from Italist and then intend to return it. This article is here to guide you on this. Italian Return Policy (Online Returns, No Receipt).

In-store return policy

Well, as we know that Italist is an online platform that deals with luxury brand items and delivers them directly to customers from France. Therefore, to date, there is no information about ways to return items for in-store purchases. Italian Return Policy (Online Returns, No Receipt).

Return Policy for Online Purchases

When you buy a luxury item from the Italist website and want to return it, you must successfully proceed with the process to send it back to the company in France. So, this is the process and return policy that you must follow when returning an Italian item.

  • First, go to your account on the Italian website
  • Click the “Orders and Returns” option when you locate it.
  • Then you should select the correct Italian item you want to return.
  • After that, click on “Request Return” and select the reason for your return.
  • After you request the return, you must book the specified date and time within three days to receive the product by mail.
  • Then download and print the bill of lading and proforma invoice and insert them into the DHL plastic folder.
  • And then, after carefully packing the product and placing it inside a box, the voucher should be affixed with return information on top of that box.
  • Then your product is ready for shipment. (Before sending a product for return, you should check whether all original packaging, such as original tags, labels, dust bags, brand boxes, etc., are intact.)

What products cannot be returned on italist?

Italist is a company that deals with luxury brands, so if you want to return anything, you can, but they have some restrictions and products that you can return to Italist.

Hence, you are unable to return any jewelry, pants, fur coats, or swimsuits that you purchased from Italist.

In a few cases, they accept fur jackets, but you should discuss them with the store or through a call. Also, the cost of a return and restocking fee will be higher than usual if Italist accepts the fur coat.

Then if the luxury product was purchased from Italist in a final sale, in this case, you cannot return this item to the Italian company.

Also, if the product is damaged, for example, if the sole scratches during the experience of shoes, in this case, returns will not be accepted.

What are the limits of the slash return policy?

To return the item in Italist, there are no restrictions available to customers. But if you think you’re going to return all the Italian items you bought at once, the return shipping cost is low, but that can’t happen.

If you want to return your luxury items from Italist, you must carefully pack them one by one so that the product or its packaging does not damage at the time of return.

Can I return items to italics without a receipt?

Well, to return Italian luxury items, proper information is not available. But as we know, Italians deal with original luxury items, so they are attentive and protective of their products. So there is very little chance that your product will be accepted to be returned without a receipt.

So to avoid any problem with these expensive clothes and accessories, famous brands should keep the receipt as safe as possible. So in case of any issues related to the Italian product, you can claim the problem with the Italian company.

What is the Italian refund policy?

For whatever particular reason, if you want to return the luxury item you purchased from Italist, return it apart from some prohibited items.

Once the item has been successfully returned to the business, it is meticulously examined, and only when everything is in working order does Italist Italist start the reimbursement process.

It takes several days to refund, as well as refund the price of your product first; you will subtract all costs such as shipping costs, customs duties, courier charges incurred, etc., and after all, only then can you get the money.

Italist is a luxury brand, and because it offers luxury goods directly from France, at the time of return, it returns to France as well, which is why the costs and the refund process are a bit complicated.


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