How Long Does Funko Take To Ship? (2023)

From children to adults, there are some fun hobbies, and among those hobbies collecting pop culture collectibles is one of them.

People love to follow many other shows like Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and Disney, but big fans love to have collectibles for their favorite movies. This is why Funko is here to support the dreams of its customers.

At Funko, you can buy various collectibles from the website and stores. But in the United States, only two Funko stores are available.

That is why online shopping for Funko collectibles is the best option.In Funko, another part of it is Loungefly, where you can buy backpacks and some other accessories for your favorite movies and web series.

Aside from that, there are many interesting things about the Funko website that you will learn after looking into them.

Now that you know Funko’s website, it’s time to get acquainted with its shipped services.

How long does Funko ship last?

Funko takes about ten business days to deliver orders.

For hobbyists who like to collect small collectibles from their favorite movies and web series, Funko is a great website.

In Funko, you can choose collectibles and other interesting things from Disney or Marvel movies, Netflix web series, etc.

And Funko has a part of the business where you can buy backpacks, digital pops, etc.

Because of all these options, customers love shopping from the Funko website, and Funko takes very seriously about its services.

Hence after the order, the processing period begins almost immediately, and after 2 to 4 business days of processing, it takes 10-12 business days to ship the order delivery.

Funko also delivers its products outside of local locations in the United States.

But due to logistical issues, shipping may take longer than usual, about 10 to 15 business days.

What method did Funko use to ship my order?

Funko has a high demand for its products, and whenever they order items, the customer tries to look for payment options.

At Funko, the only delivery method that customers will get is standard shipping.

When customers order anything from the Funko website, it takes 2-4 business days to process the order.

After that, another ten business days for shipment. So by 12 to 15 days, customers get Funko orders.

But their shipping services are available Monday through Friday.

So if you order anything on Friday night, it will take days more to deliver as the order will begin processing the next business day, Monday.

Although Funko uses UPS services for ground freight based on order size and weight, Funko places its orders via UPS Mail Innovations or SurePost.

Does Funko offer free shipping?

Funko is the dream destination of collectibles lovers.Marvel Star Wars Disney etc. For them, Vanko is paradise.

At Funko, it’s very easy to scare away the product available on the website, but there’s a good side to it.

When you’re scared of something, you tend to buy it more, and on the Funko website, if you purchase collectibles and other items worth $50 or more, you’re eligible for free shipping.

At the time of purchase, free shipping will be reflected on the Funko checkout page.

But, unfortunately, if you order your Funko items from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, APO/AFO addresses, and other regions, on this site, you can’t get the benefit of free shipping.

You have to pay the full shipping cost here, as delivery at these locations varies slightly.

What are the shipping and delivery charges of Funko?

  People love to buy those interesting collectibles for their home cars or just to collect them.

Now while buying these interesting things from the website, all customers have to pay the shipping fee.

You can buy in the store, but the number of stores is very low; Funko is the best option.

Therefore, at Funko, they deliver their products via UPS.

And since standard shipping is only available, customers from local locations in the United States are required to pay $6.95 per order.

Funko also offers orders to U.S. regions and non-adjacent locations like Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, etc.

And to deliver its items to these and other APO/FPO locations, Funko charges $14.95 for shipping.

Aside from that, there are no fees available for Funko orders.

Also, no international or express shipping option is available, so choosing other payment options is non-existent.

How do I track my Funko order?

Funko is the perfect site for collectors as people demand collectibles from this site because of their hobbies.

That is why after ordering Funko items, it is difficult for them to wait patiently. To make things easier for customers, Funko has a great tracking system.

So if you want to track your Funko order, the process is very simple.

First, you must open your Funko profile and log in with your Funko email address and password. Then in the order history, you can navigate the location of your order.

If you don’t have a Funko account and you shop from the website as a guest, then, too, for tracking, you can go to the account section available on the website.

You must enter your Funko order number there, which you will receive on your email ID after the order is shipped.

Then enter your Funko inbound email address and zip code. After that, your Funko order is ready to track.

Why does Funko take so long to charge? For delivery at Funko, they always ensure that customers receive their orders on time.

They use UPS ground delivery services, which is one of the best for delivery in the United States.

But instead of 10 to 15 business days, customers feel very upset if they encounter any delay in their order.

So the reason for the delay in the order can be the location of your address.

During discounts or promotions at conferences, the demand for products has risen to such an extent that it has become difficult to serve everyone on time.

Sometimes, it is difficult for a shipping company to find some addresses and deliver the order on time.

Besides, there are national or public holidays, weather-related issues, etc., Funko can’t do anything about them.

At Funko, these are the main reasons for order delays.

Can I order stock items from Funko?

You often see something on a website, but before you can buy it, you run out of stock.

Things like this happen, so you should try to look at other collectibles from the Funko website in such situations.

But if you still want to buy Marvel collectibles from the Pop collection, it’s difficult.

Funko doesn’t restock its stuff too much. Restocking mostly depends on the availability of their Funko items.

Funko’s exclusive retail items are limited, so they won’t be restocked once they run out of stock.

So, as you can see after Funko’s holdings ran out of stock, it was difficult to buy them.

But if you still persistently buy Funko items, you can contact Funko customer service for help.

If the collection you want from Funko is from any regular variety, it can be restocked in a few weeks.

Do you ship Funko at military addresses or mailboxes?

P.O. Boxes are a great option for those who don’t want to use their residential addresses for online shopping.

But delivery of orders in mailboxes has its risks. That’s why Funko tries to avoid it.

But fortunately, you should know that Funko provides delivery at military addresses.

The military spends most of its life protecting others.

That is why giving them a slim chance of happiness is important.

Therefore, Funko delivers its items to most APO and FPO addresses.

In this way, US military customers of APO and FPO addresses can get their orders on time.

How long does it take for Funko to ship internationally? As a fan of Marvel, DC, and hundreds of Netflix shows, people want to buy high-quality collectibles from all over the world.

But unfortunately, Funko does not have an international shipping service for its products.

Although Funko is a fairly large company, it takes time to expand its business.

That’s why US customers are very lucky to get backpacks, collectibles from Funko, etc.

But if you are from Europe, this is good for you, as Funko’s services and products are also available.

So, check out Funko Europe to learn about the exciting things you can buy.

Can I modify or cancel my Funko order before shipping?

Unfortunately, you cannot modify or cancel the Funko order from the Funko website.

When you place an order to Funko afterwards, much of this process goes through.

After placing the order at Funko, the fulfillment center starts processing almost immediately to deliver the items to the customer as quickly as possible.

In this way, there is no space to modify the order, such as adding or removing any information, changing the payment method, etc.

That’s why at Funko, before ordering any of the items you want, be sure to check the shipping address carefully so that there is no error.

And if you want to cancel your order, you can’t do that.

In this case, at first, you can try to contact Funko customer service to cancel the order, but still, if it doesn’t work, just return the product after delivery.

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