How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)

Those who think BlueChew(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)) is a pharmacy, well, you’re wrong; BlueChew is not a pharmacy.

It is a website where you can buy commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction medications.

The BlueChew website offers Ed on a subscription basis.

BlueChew is an easy and chewable medicine for those who don’t like pills.

This company was first created in 2014 by Alex by founders Yovanovitch and Eric Carmen.

Now across the United States, BlueChew has created a great market for itself, with very few competitors in chewable ED drugs.

At the moment, drugs are available only to men, but they are increasing their field of action little by little.

So, if you’re interested in buying BlueChew drugs, before that, there are a few things you should know about BlueChew Shipping.

How long does BlueChew take to ship?

In the United States, BlueChew delivers their orders on a subscription basis, so depending on the time requested or stated, you will receive BlueChew medication monthly or for one-time use.

BlueChew drugs are common medicines that people can use without visiting a doctor.

Chewable ED medications help customers order ED drugs online, such as sildenafil, tadalafil, etc.

For this reason, the customer can order medicines from BlueChew and get them whenever he wants.

Besides the subscription plan, if any customer from the United States is trying BlueChew drugs for the first time or wants to order them as soon as possible, they can get overnight orders.

So far, in the United States, BlueChew has delivered its products in most locations, and the company is trying hard to offer its services in all locations in the United States and international addresses.

What method did BlueChew use to ship my order?

The company must have flexible shipping options to meet customer service.

But BlueChew is a subscription-based company, and most of their orders have already been fixed.

This is why the company takes a lot of time to process and ship customer orders.

So it is understood that BlueChew provides standard ground shipping for delivery, which is delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

Unfortunately, for BlueChew subscription order delivery, customers can’t get the free shipping option.

Then, for fast shipping, customers can also opt for Expedited to order a BlueChew subscription.

This shipping service at BlueChew is available in most U.S. locations.

And for this delivery method, customers will receive their orders within 2 to 3 working days after processing on the same day.

Another charging option available is overnight charging.

Customers who need reflections outside of their usual subscription. Or people trying BlueChew for the first time need to order on time; then, overnight shipping service comes in handy.

BlueChew’s night and express shipping services operate Monday through Thursday.

So to complete the ordering process on the same day as the order, you must place your BlueChew order before noon CST.

If you place your order afterward, the order will be charged and processed as overnight shipping, but the order will be shipped the next business day.

As a result, this will delay your order by one to two days.

We cannot show overnight shipping if your treatment is shipped to a military base and P.O. box.

Please get in touch with our support staff via phone at (970) 438-2583, email at, or live chat on our website if you need any help(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

What are the shipping and handling charges for BlueChew?

In all companies, there are requirements for shipping and handling fees.

In those companies, the order is treated as a one-time order.

That is why it is easier to fix shipping charges.

But at BlueChew, subscription plans and shipping fees vary a bit.

So at BlueChew, customers receive their orders every month, and there are 4 subscription plans available for their orders.

In the United States, if you order any of these monthly subscription plans, for standard ground shipping, you have to pay a delivery fee of around $5 at most locations.

Also, this shipping fee is something other than a one-time thing.

You have to pay the shipping fee at BlueChew every month.

Additionally, for accelerated BlueChew shipping at most locations in the United States, customers have to pay $6.95.

Customers will receive the ED drugs they have signed up for faster than their usual delivery time.

Also, a great option for you if you have a plan with your partner and need your BlueChew, requested as soon as possible.

Then for overnight shipping, the next business day UPS shipping is best, but for this delivery option, the shipping fee is quite high, around $29.95.

But there is a possibility that this shipping service will not be available in all locations in the United States(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

How do I track my BlueChew order?

The customer must receive their items on time when it comes to medicine.

And people can’t stay in peace without knowing that their BlueChew order will be delivered on time.

So, before you can track your BlueChew order, you should wait for confirmation mail from BlueChew.

Then after receiving it, you will notice that the mail contains tracking information to check the status of your package.

Now to track your BlueChew order, you can access the tracking information from email or log in to your BlueChew account.

From there, go to the “Orders” tab, and after that, click on the BlueChew tracking number(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

Why does BlueChew take so long to ship?

BlueChew orders generally arrive on time within the delivery time.

Since subscription orders can be delivered at your preferred time, BlueChew delivers the order within the estimated date of standard shipping.

But for express and overnight delivery, sometimes, if the customer orders the items after noon. CST, the order is shipped the next day instead of the same-day shipping.

Also, these shipping options are available Monday through Thursday.

So if any customer requests overnight shipping on Thursday afternoon, then processing BlueChew orders moves on to the next business, Monday.

Aside from that, if there is a national holiday, public holiday, or serious weather issues, BlueChew delivery may be slightly delayed(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

Can I order stock items from BlueChew?

If you’re worried that the stocks of medicines you subscribe to from BlueChew are running out of stock and won’t get your order on time.

Then there’s nothing to stress about, as BlueChew has become a great destination for customers to shop for their ED medications.

And if you sell BlueChew a limited range of sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil drugs.

Dosages vary based on the subscription plan only.

For this reason, they make sure that all their medications are always available at BlueChew so that customers can purchase them whenever they want.

In addition, if you have any ordering concerns related to BlueChew, you may call the customer service number at (970)438-2583 or long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

Does BlueChew deliver their stuff to mailboxes and military addresses?

Yes, BlueChew delivers their medications to mailboxes or military addresses.

Some people prefer to avoid residential addresses for their BlueChew subscription applications, and for this reason, mailbox delivery is a more convenient option for them.

And those who want to place orders from their APO/FPO addresses have standard BlueChew charging always available.

But due to the procedure at military addresses, shipping may take a few extra days for delivery.

Also, another thing you should know about BlueChew’s mailbox and military address delivery is that you can’t use the expedited at any of these locations(How long does BlueChew take to ship? (2023)).

How long does it take for BlueChew to ship internationally?

Unfortunately, BlueChew for business or subscription services is only available in the United States.

Moreover, BlueChew does not deliver its products to other countries, not even Canada. But they are trying hard to expand their business for international delivery.


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