How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)

People love to shop(How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)), and Aritzia is not considered a brand unknown to them.

In Aritzia, women can buy all kinds of clothes for themselves.

Not only that, their prices are very reasonable and the quality and designs of their clothes are excellent.

You should look for formal wear on this website.

The Aritzia brand was first founded in 1984 and has gained great fame over time.

Currently, it has more than 100 stores available in key locations around the world.

But since their online service is essentially a modus operandi, Aritzia is a lot present on the website.

Now that you know a lot about Aritzia, it’s time to learn some useful things about their shipping services.

How long does Aritzia take to ship?

It will take 1-4 business days for your Aritzia order to be delivered.

In the world of fashion, there are many brands, but among the well-known companies, only a few clothing sites have managed to make their niche in the market.

But fortunately, Aritzia is one of them.

In Aritzia, you can buy dresses, trousers, shorts, jackets, jackets, shoes, accessories, etc., everything a woman needs.

And because of the constant demand for the site, Aritzia tries hard to provide the best services.

So in the US, instead of the Aritzia store, if the customer wants to try the Aritzia website.

Then as part of their amazing service, customers will receive Aritzia orders within 1 to business days through standard delivery one to two business days after order processing.

Besides, at Aritzia, there are many shipping options available, so depending on your requirements, you can choose.

And Aritzia not only delivers its products in locations in the United States, but people around the world can also try their services and products.

Speaking of international delivery, Aritzia also has stores and website services in Canada along with the USA.

Aritzia’s headquarters is available there.

Aside from that, for international customers, Aritzia takes their orders seriously and does its best to deliver them on time(How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)).

What form of shipping did Aritzia employ for my order?

Customers love shopping at Aritzia because of its amazing range of comfortable and sophisticated clothing.

They can make use of Aritzia collections for many occasions.

That’s why if you need your order faster and want to know more about Aritzia’s shipping method, here are the shipping options available at Aritzia that you can use as a customer.

So in the United States, for Aritzia order delivery, the basic and convenient shipping method is standard shipping.

If you opt for standard shipping to order Aritzia, you get free shipping.

And not only that, you will receive your order 2 to 4 business days after the order is processed.

Then there’s the express shipping option for your Aritzia order.

With this shipping method, you will receive your order within one to 3 business days after processing.

You may have to pay the shipping fee, but Aritzia will ensure that you receive your order on time.

Finally, priority shipping is the best option available on the Aritzia website if you want your order delivered overnight.

You have to pay some shipping fee for this service, but you will receive your order by the next day or within two business days.

If you order Aritzia clothing Monday through Friday before 2:00 p.m., you are eligible for next-day delivery. A

If you’re okay with two-day shipping, you can order your Aritzia items after 2:00 pm. Monday to Sunday.

This way, you can choose the most suitable shipping options for your delivery from Aritzia(How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)).

Does Aritzia offer free shipping?

Yes, consumers at Aritzia can benefit from free shipping.

When customers shop for clothes from the Aritzia website, they love the feeling when they get free shipping for their orders.

And to get free shipping for Aritzia order delivery in the US, you have to opt for standard shipping.

At Aritzia, customers can get free shipping on all their orders, with no minimum.

Customers are thus given the flexibility to pursue their fashion aspirations.

After that, not only in the US but customers from international locations can also get free shipping for their orders.

So, if a customer orders items from Aritzia worth $100 or more, then for standard delivery, the shipping cost is free.

To take advantage of free shipping for express international delivery, customers must shop for over $250.

If there are any taxes and charges, then when international shipping, customers have to pay for them.

What are the shipping and handling charges for Aritzia?

Women love to shop online and have a pair of comfortable and stylish clothes; they can do everything.

And Aritzia, the destination for this, has a huge demand in the American market and not only in other countries such as Canada or other international countries.

So, now when customers enjoy shopping from Aritzia a lot, there are still shipping and handling fees that customers have to pay.

Therefore, as an Aritzia customer from the USA, free shipping is available for any amount of orders if you choose standard shipping.

But there are plenty of other customers available in US cities who prefer fast shipping.

That’s why customers who prefer fast shipping order Aritzia, shipping costs $10.

And if you want to order your Aritzia overnight for an event, the shipping cost is $15.

Since Aritzia has great international delivery features, customers from outside the US also like to order Aritzia clothes.

However, they also have to pay shipping costs.

So, if you’re from Africa, when you order your Aritzia, you have to pay $10 for standard shipping and $25 for express shipping.

Similarly, for Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, etc.

European countries such as Italy, France, and others; then other international locations such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

In all these international locations, the shipping fee is $10 for standard delivery, while for express shipping it’s $25.

But there is always the option of free shipping in Aritzia.

But for Canada, shipping fees vary because they provide direct delivery there.

So, in Canada, while ordering Aritzia items there, standard shipping costs around $7.50.

After that, the express delivery of Aritzia items is $10; finally, for priority shipping, it’s $15.

In addition to the United States, their business is also available in Canada, which is why shipping fees are low(How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)).

How do I track my Aritzia order?

Shopping for clothes is one of the greatest things women love.

And when it comes to Aritzia, it’s quite understandable, but waiting for an order to be delivered is very annoying for most of them.

That’s why Aritzia offers great tracking services to customers to stop this nagging feeling.

So before you can verify your order, you will receive a confirmation mail from Aritzia on your email ID.

There you will notice that all order information is available.

Now in the Aritzia confirmation mail, you will notice something else: there is a link to track the order.

You can simply click on the Aritzia tracking link, this way, you can track your order.

In addition, you can also track your order from the Aritzia website,

  • First, log in to your Aritzia profile
  • Then go to “Order History”.

And if you are a guest, you must click on the order tracking option available at the end of the page, or you can directly click on the Aritzia order tracking link – tracking

  • Next, click on the View command option to see all Aritzia orders.
  • Click “Track Item” after choosing the item you want to follow.
  • Then you can see the location of your Aritzia order.


Why does Aritzia take so long to ship?

Aritzia always makes sure that customers always get their orders on time.

There are very rare cases where Aritzia delivers orders late.

Therefore, during festivals or sales in Aritzia, the demand for their clothes rises negatively.

Because of this, it may take up to extra days to process the order on time and ship it to the customer’s address.

Besides, if a national or public holiday comes between the delivery time or some weather issues, Aritzia may be slightly delayed.

Can I order stock items from Aritzia?

In Aritzia, all their collections are amazing, which is why, sometimes, before you can buy an item from Aritzia, it is sold in full.

The feeling is not great, but instead of getting lost after the sale, it is better to try to buy other items from the Aritzia website.

But still, if you want to buy an Aritzia dress, alas, Aritzia does not restock its collection much.

There are a few of their collections that are restocked but mostly not.

Therefore, if you want to purchase this dress, you can contact Aritzia Concierge at 1-855-ARITZIA (274-8942) or via email.

Another thing you can try is to visit your nearest Aritzia store to check availability.

Can I get my Aritzia Shipping to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, you can’t set Aritzia’s order for multi-address delivery.

Some people ask for bulk items from family members and prefer whether the courier service will deliver them on their behalf.

But in Aritzia, such a service is not available to customers.

Does Aritzia ship its products to mailboxes, military addresses, or U.S. territories?

Aritzia is a large company, so many expect Aritzia to deliver its products to mailboxes, military addresses, and non-local locations in the United States.

But, unfortunately, Aritzia ships its products only to residential addresses in local locations in the United States.

For this reason, if any customer does not want to use their residential address and prefers to use a mailbox, they cannot order Aritzia products.

Then in U.S. regional locations, Aritzia doesn’t ship its stuff.

Finally, on APO/FPO sites, Aritzia avoids delivering its products at these addresses to avoid any logistical and other issues(How long does Aritzia take to ship? (2023)).

How long does Aritzia take to ship internationally?

Aritzia is famous for its high-quality and affordable prices in clothing.

Comfortable clothes and stylish combinations of clothing designs on the Aritzia website are the best things that fashionistas can ask for.

Because of this ordering support, Aritzia offers daily products worldwide; in those locations, it doesn’t take long to deliver orders.

So, if you are from South Africa, Nigeria, or any other African location, for standard shipping, it takes about 8 to 14 business days to ship an Aritzia order.

In the case of express delivery, the charging period is from 2 to 6 business days.

Then in South Pacific locations in countries like Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

In these major countries, for Aritzia, the standard delivery time is from 4 to 7 working days, and for express shipping, it is from 2 to 4 working days.

And in the rest of the South Pacific locations, standard shipping takes 8 to 14 business days, and 2 to 6 business days for express shipping.

Then in countries from Europe, the Netherlands, France, and Italy, for standard shipping, the delivery time requires 4-7 working days, and for express shipping, it takes 2-4 business days.

In the rest of the European locations, standard shipping is 5 to 11 business days; for Express, 2 to 6 business days.

In Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, the shipping timing for standard delivery is 4-7 business days and 2-4 business days for express shipping.

Then in other Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, etc.

Standard shipping takes 8 to 14 days, and express shipping takes 2 to 6 business days to deliver the order.

In North American countries besides the United States and Canada, the shipping time for standard delivery ranges from 3 to 5 business days.

Express shipping takes 2 to 4 business days for Aritzia products.

Finally, in South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, etc., the shipping timing for standard Aritzia shipping is 8-14 business days.

For express shipping, 2 to 6 business days.

Another thing you should know as a customer of Aritzia is that this company does not deliver its products to the countries of Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and Crimea.


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