Gorjana Return Policy

At Gorjana, for returns, you must (Gorjana Return Policy )return the item to the company within the first 30 days of purchase.

The product must be in good condition and unworn to return successfully.

Also, you should use Gorjana’s prepaid return label property to avoid any delays.

For the convenience of customers at Gorjana, customers who buy jewelry from the Gorjana store can also send their goods back to the company online.

Therefore, reach out to customercare@Gorjana.com and enter the order number, address, etc.

Then the company will send you a prepaid return card for your order.

Gorgana has recently become a popular place to buy gold-plated jewelry at affordable prices.

And because their products are very stylish and have a huge selection of options, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc.

That’s why they are always in demand. This brand was first founded in 2004, and its market is increasing day by day.

That’s why to provide the right services, Gorjana also has a great return policy.

That is why it is important to know important information about the return of Gorgana.

Return Policy in Garjana

When you order something from Gorjana and want to return the product on time within 30 days, the process is easy.

And to return the jewelry, there are two methods available, one in the stand re, the other for the website.

So, you lose your convenience, you can choose any method, but still, if you have doubts, you can contact Gorjana customer service at (866) 829-0030 or customercare@gorjana.com

So, to return your product to the Gorjana store,

  • Visit your nearest Gorgana store
  • There, tell the clerk that you want to return your Gorgana jewelry.
  • Next, provide the original purchase receipt for your item.
  • Gorjana will then check your product thoroughly for quality inspection.
  • When this is done, you can return or replace your Gorjana item successfully.


And if you want to return Gorjana jewelry online,

  • Open the official Gorjana website and log in to your profile.
  • Then there, find their online return portal
  • Next, select the item you want to return and download the prepaid return shipping level for the Gorjana item you purchased.
  • Next, pack the Gorjana jewelry well to return it and stick the label on top or side of the package.
  • Then follow the instructions mentioned on the Al Qurjana website.

In addition, you can also return your Gorjana item from the Instagram app.

You must request a return in the app, and it will provide you with a prepaid return shipping label on your email ID.

Georgina Return Policy for Damaged Items


It is very rare for Gorjana to deliver damaged items to the customer.

Since Gorjana jewelry is very small in size, this is why it can easily pack the item as safely as possible.

But still, then, if any client receives a damaged item from Gorjana, return it to the company and get a full refund.

If the customer causes damage to the Gorjana product, in this case, Gorjana cannot accept the return of that product.

And the item will be sent back to the owner. But if the Gorjana element has a warranty, then, in this case, Gorjana can replace it.

Also, you can use Gorjana’s free jewelry repair service if you want.

In this instance, you can phone (866) 829-0030 to speak with Gorjana customer support if you are experiencing any issues(Gorjana Return Policy).


What products does Gorgana not accept as a return?

At Gorjana, you can easily return any item you buy from the Gorjana company.

Gorjana sells lightweight gold and other physical jewelry throughout the United States.

That’s why customers can send their products back to the company whenever they feel the need because of the warranty.

It can be for repair or replacement. But at the first stage, if any customer wants to return Gorjana, they can within the first 30 days of purchasing the order.

But if the product is a custom item, in this case, the company cannot accept the return of any personal items from Gorjana.

Apart from the possibility of returning any Gorjana product to the company.

Does Gorgana have a free return?

Yes, in Gorjana, free product returns are available.

After buying beautiful pieces of jewelry from Gorjana for yourself or gifting, when you find out that there are some problems and you have to return this product to the company, well, that moment in time makes people sad(Gorjana Return Policy ).

That’s why Gorjana’s return system is kept as convenient as possible for customers; you can download prepaid returns labels from the website.

And then, send your product back to the company.

How long will it take to recover money from Gorjana?

After sending this jewelry back to Gorjana, it usually takes Gorjana 1-3 weeks to complete the refund process.


When a customer returns something to Gorjana, they undergo a proper check to see if the returned jewelry is in good condition and unused.

And then, Gorjana begins to process a refund if everything is in order.

But there is also a chance that customers will receive Gorgana store credit as a refund(Gorjana Return Policy ).

So if anything like this happens, you should contact Gorjana customer service.


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