FWRD Return Policy

At Ford you(FWRD Return Policy ) want to return the item you purchased, you must return it within 30 days to get a full refund.

Customers should always try their items carefully because damaging a fashion item before returning it is easy.

And Ford is a great company, and they won’t tolerate any damaged items being returned because of their customers.

Ford is an internet-based company that sells clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. from hundreds of designers.

Therefore, the client can easily choose his favorite designer and buy it on the Ford website.

After this collaboration with Kendall Jenner, Fwrd now has a few stores, and the demand for them has increased significantly.

Therefore, because of all these interesting features, customers prefer to buy items from Ford.

But there are two returns statuses, so customers need to follow the Fwrd return policy.

What is the FWRD return policy?

Well, there is no one left who does not know anything about it, they are the thousands of people who have built their sense of fashion by buying clothing items from Ford.

That’s why 1,000 people try clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

So there are cases of error in size, color, and many other things.

Because of this, there are cases of returns as well.

  • Therefore, if you as an Fwrd customer want to return purchased items to Fwrd, there are some rules that you should keep in mind,
  • Item purchased from Fwrd must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • The purchased item must be unworn and unused at the time of return.
  • Have protective slips for underwear and swimwear.
  • It is important to have the original receipt.



How to return a product to Fwrd?


Customers prefer Ford a lot to create their fashion collections.

Additionally, shoppers must return products to maintain everything fashionable and wearable.

Therefore, visit the Ford website and log into your account before returning your Fwrd items(FWRD Return Policy ).


  • From there, look for purchased items.
  • Then start returning your Fwrd items,
  • Next, pack your Fwrd return item correctly and paste the prepaid label on top or side of the Fwrd return package.
  • Then drop it at the Fwrd carrier service desk.

And if you are from any international address, you must send the item Fwrd at your own risk through your preferred courier service.

For international orders, FWRD does not offer any prepaid return labels or refunds for return shipping costs.

Therefore, for returns, you should also start returning the item you purchased and stick the return label at the top of the box. and return the item Fwrd to the address,


Attn: Returns and exchanges

12889 Moore Street

Cerritos, CA 90703


Ford Damaged Items Return Policy?


We all love buying stylish clothes, accessories, and shoes from Ford.

Ford has years of experience in this fashion space, which is why they always make sure it’s safe while sending an item to customers(FWRD Return Policy ).

But still, a few customers complain about receiving damaged items, which can occur due to issues while moving the item from one place to another.

So, in this case, if you receive damaged or defective items from Fwrd, you have 60 days to contact customer service and tell them about your product problems and how to get them replaced or your money returned.


But, if it takes more than 60 days in this case, the Fwrd customer service agent will help you with repairs and get hardware replacement for your Fwrd product.

But you can’t get a replacement or refund for this order any more.


What products does Ford not accept as a return?

Ford generally accepts most of their items to return on their website.

But there are some things that Fwrd doesn’t accept on their website, and customers should be aware of that. So in Fwrd, if you have,


  • Swimwear and swimwear with broken protection seals.
  • Scratched and damaged shoes
  • Top and dress with makeup spots
  • Items purchased from the final sale


These are the main elements that Fwrd does not accept to return(FWRD Return Policy ).


During the return time as mentioned before, some items have makeup or scratches in the shoe.

And in such a situation, the return of such products is difficult.

That’s why customers should try their shoes on the carpet instead of directly on the floor.

Put some clothes on their faces or remove their makeup before drying the dress or stopping.

And while trying to wear a swimsuit, do not remove the protective slip, as it is present for health reasons


Yes, Fwrd provides free returns for purchased items. No one likes to pay for returns.

Customers who order something from Fwrd always keep their hopes alive, as Fwrd items are one of the best.

But when they notice that their purchased product has a size error or the color is not suitable enough, they have only two options: either return it or replace it.

That is why by understanding customer sentiment, Fwrd provides a free paid card.

But to enjoy the free return privilege at Ford, there are things that the customer should follow.

So when a client applies for a return, that client’s account is subject to a systematic review by the company.

Now if a customer over the past 12 months has returned items worth more than $20,000 and returned 80% of the purchase items, they will no longer be eligible for a free return.


They can return their things as a customer, but Fwrd wants to give them a free return label.

Not only that, at the time Ford will take 15% of the refund as a restocking fee.

Therefore, it is important to stop returning items just for fun. And if this customer wants free shipping, in this case, they have to reduce the return rate from 80% to 60% and the amount of returned items significantly as well.


How long will it take to recover money from Ford?

After Fwrd items are returned, customers want refunds as quickly as possible.

But for a company, offering a refund is a process.

Therefore, when sending an item back to the company, perform a thorough process where FWRD verifies or verifies the quality of the returned item FWRD.

Then, finally, when the process is over, the company refunds the money through the original payment method.

And to complete the entire process, an international return takes about 5 to 12 business days; it takes longer(FWRD Return Policy ).

But still, if you have any queries regarding the Fwrd refund, you can contact customer service by calling 562-407-3230.


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