Fashionphile Return Policy 

If you want to return(Fashionphile Return Policy )the Fashionphile item you purchased, you must return it within the first 15 days of purchase.

Like any other company, the return timing for Fashionphile products is much lower.

But like Fashionphile, very few companies deal with luxury goods.

Well, Fashionphile is a company that deals with high-quality handbags, watch accessories, etc.

All their products are luxury brands.

But it’s more affordable just because Fashionphile deals with used luxury items.

The business system of this company is the resale and purchase of original luxury goods for its customers.

That is why Fashionphile is among its customers.

This brand was first created in 1999, but even then, it has increased, so apart from the great website, there are many Fashionphile showrooms and studios available as well.

Finally, when a customer buys an item from Fashionphile, that’s great for them.

But there are still cases of returning the product as well. Therefore, this article about Fashionphile’s return policy clarifies your doubts.

What is the Fashionphile return policy?

For great luxury goods at affordable prices, Fashionphile is a great choice.

Their purposes can be used, but the condition is quite good.

But even then, if any customer wants to return their Fashionphile item, there are some rules that customers should know.

So, Fashionphile’s return policy is,

  • For returns, the customer must return the items within the first 15 days of purchase. After that, items are not eligible for return or refund.
  • During the return of the item, all tags, such as the Authenticity mark and the Fashionphile mark, must be attached to the product.
  • Then any item such as the original box, dust bag lock, etc. is missing, in this case, the product will not be accepted for return either.
  • Then the product must be in the same condition as when it was sent to the customer. An item is difficult to return if it has any sign of wear or tear.


These are the main rules if you want to return your Fashionphile item.


What return methods are available at Fashionphile?

Fashionphile has a huge demand among its customers due to its magnificent collection of luxury items.

Since customers can purchase resale items, this is why these items are also affordable.

But still, no matter how fun it is to buy items from Fashionphile, few customers want to return their Fashionphile orders for their reasons(Fashionphile Return Policy ).

So, at Fashionphile, customers have three available return methods by which they can return their purchases to Fashionphile.

1. UPS prepaid shipping label, for this return shipping label, you have to pay $14.99.

But this label will be provided by Fashionphile. In this way, it is safer, and after the product is delivered to UPS, the returned product is the responsibility of Fashionphile.

2. Then back in the store, you have to visit the nearest showroom or Fashionphile studio. After that, you can return this product for free.

3. Finally, choose your preferred courier service; you can choose FedEx, USPS, or any other preferred shipping option.

But return will be your responsibility; also, for returns, you have to pay shipping and handling fees at your own expense(Fashionphile Return Policy ).

How to return the product to Fashionphile?

Now, you already know the return methods available at Fashionphile.

And now, you can choose any of the above return methods based on your preference.

So, if you want to return your Fashionphile product through UPS,

  • Visit the Fashionphile website and log in to your account
  • Then click on the Buy My tab on the website
  • Next, look for the “My Purchases” option.
  • Select the order you want to return and then click “Return Item”.
  • Then, the new page provides the information required to return your Fashionphile product.
  • Next, click Submit to confirm your return.
  • Then download and print the return label in PDF format.
  • Check the return instructions.
  • Next, package your Fashionphile return product completely.
  • Then paste the label on top or side of the Fashionphile return package.
  • Then wait for the carrier or drop the package at the nearest UPS drop office.


Then, if you want to return your Fashionphile product to the store,

  • Visit a Fashionphile showroom or studio.
  • Take the original receipt to the Fashionphile store.
  • Then after entering the showroom, visit the service desk.
  • Tell the Fashionphile employee that you want to return your Fashionphile product.
  • After checking the Fashionphile product, they will accept the return of the product if everything is in perfect condition.


And finally, if you want to send a Fashionphile order using your favorite courier service,

  • Use a trustworthy postal company like FedEx, DHL, etc. to return your Fashionphile order.
  • Next, schedule a return on your cost and liability, and choose a suitable shipping package for safe transportation.
  • Then download and print the recharge label.
  • And Paste them on top or side of the securely packaged Fashionphile return product packaging.
  • Next, drop the item at the delivery desk of your preferred carrier’s service, or they will pick it up from your doorstep.
  • Next, send the Fashionphile product to,


6359 Paseo del Lago

Carlsbad, CA 92011

United States


Aside from that, if you are from any of the APO/FPO/DPO addresses and locations of US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

In this case, Fashionphile cannot offer any shipping labels to customers.

Customers of these sites must deliver or return the item at their own risk.

Also, for the return of the international Fashionphile product, the customer must pay the shipping cost(Fashionphile Return Policy ).


What is Fashionphile’s return policy for reserved items?

Fashionphile goods are in great demand, and their numerous products come in store and are sold almost immediately.

This is why many customers have pre-booked Fashionphile products.

So when customers book an item from Fashionphile, it’s mostly at no cost.

But if any of them try to cancel or return this item from Fashionphile.

In this case, Fashionphile will charge a 10% backup cancellation fee for all cancellations and returns.

So if there is a possibility that the item you purchased will be canceled or returned, instead of booking the item, purchase it from the website as soon as possible(Fashionphile Return Policy ).

Fashionphile return policy for damaged items?

For the best-used luxury items, Fashionphile is the best place.

They are also always aware of maintaining the highest possible quality of their Fashionphile product.

For this reason, while shipping an item to the customer, they take extra precautions to ensure that the product is delivered successfully and safely.

Even then, if any customer receives damaged items from Fashionphile.

Then, Fashionphile will consider the truth and, based on the verdict, will provide a refund.

But, if the product is damaged due to the customer’s fault, the customer cannot return it to Fashionphile.

So, handle the item carefully if you are thinking of returning it.

What products can’t be returned to Fashionphile?

Fashionphile is a company that deals with luxury items such as handbags, accessories, jewelry, etc., and since these items are resale, they can return.

But in any case, after owning a Fashionphile product, if the item is damaged or the tags are removed, the customer cannot return the Fashionphile item anymore.

In addition, there is no suitable reason or particular product that Fashionphile does not accept to return.

But you need to make sure that the item is returned within 15 days, as after that, Fashionphile accepts the item for return(Fashionphile Return Policy ).

Does Fashionphile have a free return?

Unfortunately, no, at Fashionphile, you can’t get a free return.

Well, no matter how much you hate the feeling of returning the luxury handbag you bought from Fashionphile, you still choose to return it.

Now getting a free return would be great, but unfortunately, if you don’t return the product in the store in person, you won’t be able to get any other free return from Fashionphile.

To return the item, use the standard UPS prepaid ground shipping label provided by Fashionphile.

You must pay a $14.99 fee which will be deducted from the return or refund amount.

In addition, if you choose any other shipping option to return your Fashionphile product, you have to pay the shipping and handling fees(Fashionphile Return Policy ).

Can I return multiple Fashionphile products in one package?

Well, Fashionphile is a luxury goods brand, and while handling the item, it is always important to be careful while packing it for delivery.

But many customers are eager to see if they can pack multiple Fashionphile items in one as this will help them save a lot of money.

To return the product, Fashionphile will not recommend or accept multiple items required in one package to return.

Since Fashionphile products are luxury goods, returning multiple orders in one package is not safe.

That is why to return the product securely, it is recommended that the customer request an individual return label for each order, after which, each item is sent in separate packaging.

And then, the customer must keep the delivery receipt from the courier company.

And if the returned Fashionphile item is from the same order, then, in this case, you can send the item in one package with all other accessories and items.

But if the package is not large enough and you cannot securely put it in the package, in this case instead of one return label, you have to apply for two.

You can return your Fashionphile product in two packaging, but to avoid this, try to get a large package that fits your Fashionphile product perfectly(Fashionphile Return Policy ).


How long will it take to get a Fashionphile refund?

After returning an item to the Fashionphile company, after thoroughly checking the product and checking its ideal quality.

If you pass the process, it will take about 2 to 4 business days to complete the definition of Fashionphile.

You will receive your Fashionphile refund with your original payment method.

But apart from that, there are a few things you should know about a refund,

  • If you return any luxury jewelry, watches, Hermes Kelly, and Hermes Birkins from Fashionphile, they will be sent to Fashionphile headquarters for inspection and acceptance.

Therefore, it will take about ten days to process the order; your money will be refunded.

  • Your Fashionphile refund will be sent to the original payment method, but if there are some issues, in this case, you will receive your refund in the Fashionphile store’s credit gift card.
  • If you wish to change your bank account for a refund, in this case, it is your responsibility to contact Fashionphile as soon as possible.
  • Then, if you purchased a Fashionphile product with a gift card, in this case, you will receive your refund as a gift card as well.
  • Also, before your refund, Fashionphile will charge a 10% restocking fee calculated based on the selling price of the item being returned.


In addition, if you encounter any problems, you can contact Fashionphile at (844) 619-8902 or by email.


Can we go back and get your money back for an international product from Fashionphile?

Demand for Fashionphile is available worldwide, so customers outside the United States buy luxury goods from Fashionphile.

International customers already know that they have to purchase the item in US dollars.

But then, if they want to return it, the amount will be refunded in USD as well.

At the moment, Fashionphile does not have any facilities available for currency exchange.

Also, prices fluctuate constantly, so they prefer to send money in dollars.

But still, if you have any further queries, you can send an email to Fashionphile customer service.


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