Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)

Currently, we have come across(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)) many different types of financial services. And for digital and physical financial services, many different companies are available, but here we will discuss the digital money transaction service, Zelle.

People from all over the U.S. know about Zell because it’s linked to all major banks across the U.S., but people who have a bank account at banks like Woodforest Bank for them, it’s hard to know or are completely confused about whether Weather Woodforest National Bank offered access to Zelle or not.

And if not, what other features of utilities can you use as an account holder for Woodforest Bank? So to discuss all this important information and understand more about Woodforest National Bank, this article is here.

Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle?

If you don’t know, Woodforest Bank is a private banking service that has an impact across the United States. Woodforest Bank has over 780 branches available in 17 different states. So when this bank is famous, it earns a reputation from customers.

And Zelle is an online payment network that makes payment services very easy for customers, and since people use Zelle a lot, it is connected to large banks like PNC Bank, Bank of America, etc.

Hence people most of the time believe that Woodforest Bank may have a connection with Zelle. But to answer your question, unfortunately, Woodforest Bank is not associated with Zelle.

So if you have an account with Woodland National Bank and are considering using the online payment service Zelle, you cannot do it directly because Woodland Bank does not offer these services.

However, you can add a Woodforest National Bank debit card so that when you make a transaction, the money is taken directly out of your Woodland Bank account, similar to Apple Pay or Google Pay(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)).

What alternatives to Woodforest Bank use ZIL?

Although Woodforest Bank does not have access to Zelle’s digital money transaction service, many other banks in the United States are directly linked to Zelle.

American Bank

At Bank of America, to use the Zelle service, you must remain under the $3,500 per day limit for individual accounts. And for small business accounts, the limit is about $15,000 per day.

But when things are done annually, for individual accounts, the Zelle limit is $20,000 per month, and for small trading accounts, it should be around $60,000 per month.

PNC Bank

To use the Zelle service at PNC Bank, the maximum is about $1,000 per day, and for a month, up to $5,000.


At Citibank, to avail of the Zelle service, you must be an account holder in this bank for more than 90 days to have a better option.

For Citibank basic and access accounts, if you are a member of the bank for more than 90 days, the Zelle limit is $2,000 per day and $10,000 per month.

And if you are a Citibank account holder for less than 90 days, the maximum usage of Zelle is $ 1000 per day, then for monthly use, the limit is $ 5000.

Citi Priority, Citigold, and Citi special accounts are also available. For these accounts, if you are a member of this bank for more than 90 days, the maximum is $ 5,000 per day, and for a month, the limit is $ 15,000.

And if you’ve been a Citibank member for less than 90 days, the daily limit is $1,000, and $5,000 is a monthly limit.

One capital

Capital One is also one of the main banking services associated with Zelle, and in this bank, the amount of money you can transfer via Zelle is $2,500 per day, and per month, the transaction limit is $10,000.

Ally Bank

If you use Zelle through Ally Bank, then as a daily transaction limit, you have about $500, and per month, the limit ranges from $10,000 to $30,000.

Chase Bank

Chase Bank also provides very flexible Zelle transaction limits for account holders. So, for the benefit of the customer, you can reach the highest limit of $2,000 per day to surround your inspection cards, liquid Chase cards, and $16,000 per month.

And if you are a private client or using Chase business verification accounts, in this case, the daily transaction limit with Zelle is $5,000, and for monthly transactions, the maximum is $40,000.

So, these are some examples of alternative banks using Zelle so that customers don’t have to communicate with third-party digital transaction sites(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)).

Why doesn’t Woodforest Bank use Zelle to move money?

Woodforest Bank does not provide Zelle services through their bank mostly because that bank has a great relationship with Western Union, and Zelle can be used to break it.

But differently, you can use the digital services, Zelle. Therefore, you should link your Woodforest debit card to the Zelle app. And then you can pay directly for your item(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)).

What other ways can you transfer money to Woodforest Bank?

Since you can’t use Zelle as a payment service from Woodforest Bank, that’s why they are many other alternative ways you can use them,

1. Use the Western Union

Woodforest Bank is associated with Western Union Financial Service, and for this reason, you can benefit from physical transaction systems and online care(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)).

Because of this, you can easily pay your bills or transfer money via your phone. Also, it is cost-effective, making Western Union Financial services more accessible and enjoyable.

2.  Use bank wire transfers

Then you can use your wire transfer facility; Woodforest National Bank provides both local and international money transfer access.

Local wire transfers are transferred to this bank through the payment system of federal banks or house clearing.

For passive transfer, always keep in mind the routing number, and using Woodforest Bank routing services, you must pay a fee of $10 for access, $20 for outgoing wire transfers, and $10 for $35 to $65 for an international wire transfer. So if you want, you can use Woodforest Bank Transfer(Does Woodforest Bank use Zelle? (alternatives, other methods)).

3. Use ACH transfers

Another choice is to use ACH Transfer rather than Zelle Financial Services. But unlike Zelle Money transactions or wire transfers, ACH transfers take 3-4 days to process and access the recipient’s account.

So, if you have someone for the house, you have to pay every month; in this case, using an ACH transfer is not a bad idea.

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