David Emanuel (fashion designer)

David Emanuel (fashion designer) (born 17 November 1952) is a fashion designer from Wales best known for designing the wedding dress Lady Diana Spencer wore with his wife Elizabeth at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981(David Emanuel (fashion designer)).

He participated in the British reality TV show I Am a Celebrity… Get me out of here! In 2013 Westlife singer Kian Egan came in second place.

He is currently the host and creative director of TLC’s flagship program, Say Yes to Dress: UK.

He also served as host and creative director for the independent TLC program Say Yes to the VEGAS dress, which he saw in Las Vegas dealing with last-minute brides and grooms.David Emanuel (fashion designer)

Emmanuel worked for two seasons as an assistant to royal designer Hardy Ames at Savile Rowe, and at the age of twenty-five, he launched his own fashion house, Emanuel, he and his wife Elizabeth, with whom he had two children, Oliver and Eloise, started their business together in 1977.

They decided to close their ready-to-wear store in 1979, so they could focus on the haute couture (custom-made) side of the business and became Lady Diana’s favorite designer before her marriage. In 1981, Emanuels was chosen to design the wedding dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. More than 700 million people saw the outfit, which was 25 feet long and constructed of ivory silk, pure taffeta, and antique lace. It also had 10,000 pearls and sequins(David Emanuel (fashion designer)).

On the dress, Lisa Marsh wrote in the Encyclopedia of Fashion that “the creations of artists from Botticelli to Renoir and Degas were used as influencers, as well as images of some of the most romantic women in history. The outfits seen on Greta Garbo in Camille, Vivienne Lee in Gone with the Wind, and Marilyn Dietrich in The Scarlet Empress have been somewhat redesigned. After Diana’s wedding, David kept doing the Diana, Princess of Wales costume.


Diana’s dress was a defining moment in Emmanuel’s career. His profile rose and became a household name.

In addition to allowing them to arrange licensing agreements for items such as perfumes, linens, and sunglasses, Emmanuel’s opinion on fashion and trends has often been sought after and interviewed by key journalists and talk show hosts in Britain and some in the United States. Such as Barbara Walters, Jane Pauli, Merv Griffin, and Joan Rivers(David Emanuel (fashion designer)).

Emmanuel became a TV presenter, creating the ABC Television character The Frock Doctor – visiting the homes of members of the public to advise on their wardrobe and remodeling. Emmanuel’s 75-minute documentary, which broadcast on HTV on February 24, 1994, as part of the Slice of Life series, and his production and presentation of a ten-part fashion series for the same business in 1995 made him a television presenter and executive producer.

He frequently made appearances as a fashion expert on magazine shows like the BBC’s Summer Scene, the Emmanuel-designed Swank, which he co-hosted with actress Margie Clark, and most recently Fashion TV’s Shop The World, which has been shown worldwide since 2003. United States and 39 other nations. Emmanuel has presented several other television programs, including The David Emanuel Ultimate Makeover Show, The David Emmanuel Fashion Show, and the cosmetics show(David Emanuel (fashion designer)).


The wardrobe set and Emanuel design kit include:

  • Location designer for Cinderella – premiered at the Richmond Theatre, London, and continued to perform at the London Palladium, Cinderella had a five-year cast that included Lionel Blair, David Essex, Patsy Kensett, Dame Anna Nigel, Paul Nicolas, Des O’Connor, and Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus – premiered at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and later performed at La Scala, Milan.
  • Cast design by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard musical at the Sidemonton Festival before opening in the West End.

In addition to designing collections and costumes for ballet, films, concerts, music videos, advertising campaigns, and theatrical and television productions, Emmanuel completed commissions to design a full range of costumes and accessories for Virgin Atlantic, in 1991, and a British Airways flight. Companion uniform, in 1999.


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