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American Style (American Style) was a  tri-monthly cultural magazine published by the Rosen Group from 1994 to 2012. A total of 82 issues were published over 28 years.


American style was founded in 1984 by Wendy Rosen, the founder of the Rosen Group. This magazine as un from e company’s office in the historic mill center in Baltimore, Maryland. It was America’s first cultural tourist destination and provided cultural travel information and featured stories on the trends in contemporary art collections and crafts, its makers, and art collections.

Following a recession in the U.S. from 2007 to 2009, Meigen closed after its 2012UYO  edition on Fall Arts. Megzen had a hard time entering and maintaining advertising revenue from struggling art pieces of jewelry in the wake of the recession(American Style).

Content and Cultural Influence

The magazine has asked its readers about art collection, home decor, interior design, and display concepts,  as well as designer jewelry and fashion, art glass, tattoos, art furniture, and functional and sculptural ceramics. Tips and suggestions are provided. In this, a portfolio of artisans and artists from different cities in America was also highlighted and included(American Style).

Each issue of American  Style included information for art and craft makers, collectors, and fans. These articles were about the cultural and economic importance of handmade items and the importance of the contribution of artisans and artists in local neighborhoods and city revitalization efforts.

The magazine’s three-month edition also provided updates on more than 200 gallery exhibitions, art festivals, and museum events in its datebook section. It includes artists’ lifestyles, art collectors’ homes, and local art tours in different cities to promote their tourism potential.    Several cities have organized local and online competitions to participate in the annual Top 25 Arts Demonstration edition of the American Style Magazine, the results of which were based on the opinion of the audience. In 2012,    about 665,000 copies were circulated during the magazine’s three-month publication. Selected locations have incorporated and promoted these inclusions in their promotional marketing materials and campaigns.

Magazine editions of speeches were used as references in journals, such as Sociation Today, and books, including Outside the Center/On the Edge by Aliza Austrian, published in 2005 by The University of Bucknell.  and The Guild Sourcebook of Architectural and Interior Art, published in 2007. It has also been cited in books about local cultures and cities, including the 2010-2011 Arlington/Fairfax Counties Real Estate Guide, Northport, American Advance: Westward from French and Indian War, and Sustainable Communities: Developing a Strong Local Economy (American Style).


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